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28 weeks - could i be in labour??


Im 28 weeks pregnant for the second time ( my son is 12 so it feels like this is my first first time ;-) ) compared to the first time this Pregnancy has been a breeze (maybe because its a girl this time around!!) Except... Last night i started feeling incredibly uncomfortable - lower back pain (like ive never had), she feels so low and heavy i feel constipated and so uncomfortable...i know that it sounds just like 3rd trimester problems... But havent felt this uncomfortable entire time.. Started last night around 10 and still as bad!!! Could i be in labour?? Should I make a appointment to go to my gynie this morning?? :-(

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I would make an appointment to be on the safe side :-)

Thanks!! Dont want to look like a hypochondriac ;-) but soo uncomfortable!! Xx thanks for advise!!

Always listen to ur instinct. .. Go to triage they will check you over xx


Hi bibi,

Its always best to follow & listen to your instincts as its usually trying to tell us something but i wouldnt worry too much as it sounds as if your baby may just beginning the concept of engaging.

I had a Lil girl last year (November) she was also my 2nd child & by week 29 -30 of pregnancy she was fairly close to my pubic bone to the point it felt hard to get back up from sitting down.


Thanks so much guys!!!!!

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