Should I take Penatal Vitamins and Folic Acid?

I've read soooo much about pros and cons and done so much research. I know it can prevent birh defects, etc, which that's why I'm leaning towards taking them. I know girls who have taken them and girls who haven't taken them and the babies are fine. But I want the extra care and precautions. What do y'all think? Could you give me your (polite) input. Thanks ladies!

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  • I know you're supposed to take them before you plan on becomming pregnant, but I believe I'm 2-3 weeks.

  • I didn't take them and at 33 weeks I was for the first time asked if i wanted to take them, but the midwife did state that there would hardly make any difference. I personally didn't take them as I am usless with remembering to take any form of medicine and my little girl was born perfectly fine.

    But if you feel that for the piece of mind you would prefer to take them then you should

  • Thank you very much for your input so I dont feel guilty if I don't :)

  • say your baby did have a condition which could have been prevented if you had taken them, how would you feel? That's what I asked myself.

  • I took them pre and throughout my pregnancy then continued with the breast feeding equivalent as believed that was the best thing for both of us. Building and maintaining a new life takes it toll on you too.

    I also know a girl who struggled to keep her vitamins down due to all day morning sickness with her girl ( not saying it was the vitamin that caused the sickness) and at some point during her scans there was some concerns about spinal development so she was monitored closely and continued to supplement. I do believe all is well but she is only 11 months old so early days.

    At end of the day it's your call. I personally would take as I would prefer not to take risk. If you are only 2-3 weeks now then perfect time to start

  • Which ones did you take, post pregnancy and how long for? I was wondering about if/what to take the other day :-) X

  • I took these, they are not suitable for vegetarians for 2 reasons....think 1 fish oils and 2 capsule is beef gelatine, which I find annoying as whilst I am not vegetarian I don't eat red meats (personal choice thing) they could have used vegetarian gelatin!

    Amazon cheapest source I found and free delivery :-)

    I probably took for 3-4 months and still have thick hair but lost my lovely nails that I grew at the end of pregnancy after I quit work x

  • Thank you! I was vegetarian before I became pregnant and craved meat (!!) so I'm not too fussed about the gelatine X

  • I'm glad I'm not the only one that they made sick then I tired to take pregnacare with my 1st did not even attempt with my second, I took folic acid when we were trying to conceive and stopped as soon as I found out I was pregnant (as per advice)

    I am currently on iron tablets as pregnancy makes me have anaemia and they are also keeping am eye on vitamin b12 levels as they are dropping.

    They should check you most important vitamins when you have your 1st blood test (or they did mine anyway where i live)

    But as for taking them if you can or do then it won't hurt but if you cant or don't then that fine a well. X

  • I took folic acid until 12 weeks and pregnacare till about 20 weeks but it made me feel so ill that I wasn't sleeping because of acid reflux and in the end I felt it was better to be rested and feel well than persevere with the vitamins. I made a change to my diet to include a lot of the vitamins and goodness I may have been missing and baby is fine and no problems in my pregnancy. If you can and want to take them I guess it can only help but if they are having a negative effect on you then I don't think it's a terrible thing if you stop. Try to take something till 12 weeks perhaps and see how you get on with it.

  • I took folic acid + vitamin d til 12 weeks from conception. Then found pregnacare on offer so have continued to take them everyday as in the first 12 weeks I caught 3 stinking colds. And since then no colds. Whether it's the added vitamins or not I don't know but it's important to take them after food. I think it's the iron part of the tablet that can cause people to be ill on them, esp if taken on empty stomach or struggling with morning sickness. I'm going to continue to take Tesco's version of pregnancy tablets for breast feeding once LO arrives to give myself the best chance in case my diet's a bit wappy esp to start with.

  • I think it depends they highly recommend folic acid but you can get that from cereal and other foods, so if you dont wabt to take the vitimins just supplement with the correct foods! I had awful sickness in the begining so struggked to take them but tried everyday, even if it doesnt make a difference I couldnt risk it as if something was up with my little man I would of blamed myself xx

  • Can any of you ladies recommend vitamins which are good to take while breastfeeding? My Alice is now 3.5 months. Recently my hair started falling out, guessing that's normal after pregnancy? I took folic acid up to 12 weeks and then was given Healthy Start Vitamins from my midwife, and even though they contained folic acid, she told me to take them all they way up till happy birth day!


    See my reply to Apple-Tea above :-)

  • Well I'd do anything to keep y babies healthy but with my first two pregnancys I took folic acid and they made me so sick while I was on them it was horrible , soon as I come of them I was no loner sick! I'm pregnant with baby number 3 my last one and I haven't been taking them and not been sick, I know if I take them il be very sick and that's probly worse for baby and me. Do I try to eat 2-3 bowls of corn flakes a day as they have high folic acid and vitamin d in so no don't feel bad but I would advice to tryn ear foods with them in x

  • I took pregnacare and noticed my nails skin and hair were much better... If u don't want to take them it's advisable to start taking folic acid now whilst ttc and upto 12 weeks as it helps prevent things like spina bifida....When I stopped taking the pregnacare my nails all broke and became flimsy.... so I noticed a big difference

  • They say that folic acid and vitamin d supplements are important, the former in the first trimester. Folic acid to prevent spina bifida and aid spinal development esp until 6-8 weeks and vit d to help calcium absorption throughout. Vitamin d comes mostly from the sun and is lacking for 8 months of the year in northern Britain. Shouldn't really need vitamin supplements if you have good diet but I took them just so I wouldn't worry and second guess everything I ate. Also figured if taking vit d anway may as well. Very much your choice.

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