Suggestions for lo's sore bum?

My LO has been having difficulty when he has bowel movements, they were very solid so I upped his water intake & they seem softer but he is screaming in pain & a tiny bit of bleeding when I wipe his bum. Once he is not actually passing anything he is not in pain but his back passage is red raw. He had loads of problems going to the toliet when he was born so know what to do on that side but was wondering do any of you ladies have any suggestions to help the red raw skin? Thanks

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I use metanium when lo is sore...I don't use baby wipes just go back to water and cottonwool make sure u completely dry the area...try and give him some time off with his nappy.x

hi I agree with mummymummy . I use metanium with my little boy it works wonders only thing is if you get the yellow tube be careful with it as it stains things but it works wonders and try giving your lo free time with no nappy on

Thanks will head to the chemist now

The yellow one is better x

Luckily we have a chemist two doors up so got the yellow one & have it on & him lying on a throw with no nappie. Fingers crossed it helps x

My LO had horrendous red raw bottom recently, I went back to cotton wool, was super diligent about nappy changing, gave him nappy free time, no bath products...just bathed in plain water, used Sudocream and Metanium and yet despite all these efforts new raw patches kept appearing.

I spoke to pharmacist at tesco and we discussed thrush treatment, I applied twice daily for a few days and barrier with Sudo at all other times and it was like magic...cleared up in a jiffy. :-)

Am not saying it's thrush but if it does not resolve then worth considering xx

My baby was given lactalose which softens poo. Apparently is like sugar waster so not addictive or bad for him in any way. After a month he is now on a half dose every second day. Hope this helps.

Thanks ladies, yip he was on lactalose before & worked wonders so the last few days have been giving him half a dose. Using metantium and cotton wool since Monday & alot improved, tried no nappie but he freaks out so stopped that, hopefully we have it sorted now x

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