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When can you tell if your pregnant?


Where to start, my names rebecca am 17 years old me and my boyfriend had sex 2 days ago twice in one night it was the first time in our relationship (we already slept with other people) we never used and protection but the day after I had a bloated belly and after I ate something it knock es sick been tired none stop get a slight headache... And worried as we only been together 3 weeks and am not ready for a baby. Not due on for another week really scared

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The first symptoms wouldn't appear for another month in general. If you are worried take a test if you miss your period.

Bex96 in reply to Highlandlass22

Aw thanks, just as my boyfriend can't use protection and the doctor won't give me the pill as they hormones in the will react with me

If ur not ready for a baby then use some goddamn protection. Its not rocket science. No glove no love.

Secondly there is only 1 sign to look for, a missed period. All these other "symptoms" are same as when u are due on.

If u miss ur period, do a test. As the lil meerkat says: simples eek!

Bex96 in reply to gigglysheep

We can't use any sort of protection as the doctor won't give me any sort of pill and he can't use comdoms... And am not due on for another week or so

Lovestar in reply to Bex96

The guy is fooling you if he has told you he can't wear a condom. You are fooling yourself if you believe you cannot use any type of contraceptive.

Bex96 in reply to Lovestar

Been to the doctors three times and each time they said they can't give es nout as the hormones in them with give es really bad headaches

Speak to a pharmacist/doctor about the morning after pill if you are not ready to have a baby and make an appt. at the doctors or GUM clinic about birth control and/or get your BF to rubber up. You have to think of STI's especially likes of Chlamydia as well as pregnancy

I just been checked for all the STD and I came back all clean... And I been to the doctors they won't give me anything as the hormones in it will give me bad headaches and my boyfriend can't use comdoms

then I would say your safest bet is condoms to ensure you remain STI free :-) I would like to hear why he says he cannot use condoms?

He comes out with a rash off them...

Hidden in reply to Bex96

That's a latex allergy.

You should both go to a local sexual health clinic or GP for advice. They can tell you about latex free condoms (I would guess they're nitrile) and other options for the pill, implant, etc. I would also mention that you've had unprotected sex.

Your age will have nothing to do with it. They will treat your cases as confidential

Cheekymonkey85 in reply to Bex96

That can either be a reaction to latex, or to spermicide on them. Either way you can buy latex free & spermicide free- so he can't get out of it that easily ;) xx

Unpleasant I am sure but as the other ladies have said there are other options. We were all 17 once and know the score, please protect yourself

Hidden in reply to Bex96

Surely a rash is better 2 deal with than an unwanted pregnancy / baby !!! Wat about other methods ? Coil 4 u is none hormonal ! Don't have sex while ovulating & pull out at the very least ! Still not an affective method but would b better than wat ur doing !!! Wake up Girl , ur the 1 that's gona b left with an unwanted situation ! Where do u think he will b ???

gigglysheep in reply to Bex96

Tell him to get specialist latex free condoms. They are available in any chemist or family planning clinic or over the Internet if he is embarrassed

How about the coil or a femedom, neither contain hormones or will effect your boyfriend, so contraception is still an option :)

Bex96 in reply to beancarrier

I'll ask once I got an appointment of the doctors thanks as they never offended me that as am only 17 x

but sexually active so they have to help and advise you

Hi there. I do understand we're your coming from in a way as I always try to understand things from other people's points but if you really don't feel ready for a baby' more should certainly be done about this ,, there is the coil with no hormones which releases no hormones and is one of the best methods to use for people who are sensitive to contraception hormones. (As I am to but I tried the coil and it was fine) it's out now and I'm pregnant with my 3rd and final child planned. If you have had unprotected sex since your last period other than the 2 days ago I would advice to take a pregnancy test , there is still a chance it could show up even a week before your period. If you haven't had unprotected sex other than the two days ago then id advice to go to the nearest gum clinic or Brooke ect to get the morning after pill. If you have had sex other than the two days ago then it's not advisable to take the morning after pill and they will not give it to you in this case. Also the pulling out method would of helped you better than nothing atall as I am also a great believer in that (some people arnt but it worked fine with me up until my coil was fitted and obv I planned the 3 I have. Best of luck to you

U need to seriously think about sleeping with someone u have only known 3 weeks with no protection it's not just getting pregnant u need to worry about...putting urself thru turmoil is not the way forward. ... Think seriously about what u want from life if u are not ready for a baby and u put urself in a situation where u could get pregnant then have to go thru the turmoil of having a termination or bringing a baby up possibly on ur own... Do u seriously want to put urself all thru that? Really think about ur options and if u want to continue being sexually active then think it thru properly

Bex96 in reply to mummymummy

I knew him way longer then three weeks we were taking things slow before we together probably, but we spoken about it all now and if I am then we will see how things go wether I am or not he still going to be there for me

And if it's the latex in the condom what your boyfriend can't use them because of then darling he needs a good telling off because they do have ones that are not latex based and made for people who can't use ordinary condoms. Men don't like them cause it takes the good feeling Away as they say but it's better than a pregnancy that your not ready for

I was waiting for her to tell me why he said he couldn't use and had my answer ready as I too suspected the Latex, size, feeling issue! ;-) Men!!

Cheers, I'll have to look around for them :) x


Also if it's latex he reacts 2 , they have latex free options 4 sale

Bex96 in reply to Hidden

Thanks I'll have a look for them

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