Cannot see the wood for the trees!! :-(

Cannot see the wood for the trees!! :-(

I am making a pact NOT to answer anymore 'am I pregnant' posts....they will become water off a ducks back.

I feel like we spend so much time deflecting this issue and not helping those members that genuinely need help, support and advice so......

I will support members though suspected miscarriages and miscarriage having experienced 2, through pregnancy, labour, recovery and looking after a young baby.

I will look forward to your birth story's which have been a little on the light side these days and I will congratulate you on your safe arrivals.

I suspect though that my time at NCT is coming to an end :-( X

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  • I just ignore them....I don't believe they are genuine or they are extremely thick! I was so tempted to answer one saying no sounds like u have an sti but I resisted

  • The posts are numerous and tiresome and some of them can be a little naïve and yes i am tired of them too but I remember being in the same place sometimes month after month although never thought to post. It isn't each individuals fault that we are being deluged they obviously feel the need for support. Its a difficult one as they are interfering with what we are wanting to do on the site. I don't know what the answer is. This is one of the few forums I've found that does actually help, a victim of our own success perhaps.

  • I understand what you are saying and maybe we should look to sex education in schools or another support network with a midwife or nurse on hand to answer these questions. There is lots of information available on the Nhs website, videos. Baby Centre site always good the list goes on, it the question...'Am I' and the only answer is maybe?

    I also understand how people could be nervous of taking a test through fear for either result but this is where your partner or closest friend should be there to hold your hand and support...and if you don't have that support....say so in the posting.

    I cannot help these people, I have been a member since 1st trimester so like I said I will happily support and answer questions when they announce.... 'I am pregnant'

  • I have messaged admin. I think we should irritate them as much as we are so they remove the link. Most of the posts don't sound so bright, (remember the dry sex question) I doubt they would find this site without the link.

    I have found you ladies amazing during my pregnancy and now with my baby here and last night he was a shit bag, I don't want to lose you.

  • Daft question perhaps, but how do you message admin?

  • Click into about us, scroll down to the who we are section and click link under heading admin. Came up with message system so hoping that it works.

  • Lol long night?!

  • The longest. He settles really well at all times, never cries, grunts and snorts when hungry except the 10pm ish feed, took till 3.30. Everyone had lost the plot in my house by this time.

  • Oh bless! Well it's Sunday and its raining so duvet day for your lot! Xx

  • Ah the old cluster feeds, I remember then up and do nothing today except feed and bums xx

  • Mine wasn't so great neither which is why I have more of a cannot be Ars*ed attitude as more important things to deal with here you know and I still try and support others when I can x

  • You sound fed up :( xx

  • :'-( Truely. Just got him down for another nap. Sleep training is hardcore and tough on mummy as it goes against all my instincts xx

  • I assume you mean cannot the the wood for the trees?

    Yes, i totally agree, the 'am I pregnant' posts are annoying and childish. But so is constantly posting 'we cant tell you if you are pregnant' there are 2 very simple options. Ignore the posts that you dont like or leave the site. Emailing admin will make no difference, realistically, what do you expect them to do? create a system where posts are 'vetted' before they go live on site? Or maybe employ people to go through the forum deleting such posts? Its not possible.

  • Thanks have edited, didn't have the best night....

    They can pay me and I will do the job!

  • They have put a link on the nhs pregnancy advice, they could remove it. :)

  • Sad to hear you're thinking of leaving. Have you tried contacting admin? If it's popping up under "Pregnancy symptoms" in Google, then there's not a lot we can do. Just ignore it. If needbe, report it as spam or trolling.

    They do my head in, too. But I'm not giving up on this forum just yet because when advice is given, it's really good! I like reading about colief and weaning, because I might be having the same questions soon! X

  • If I knew how I would create my own forum and take you girls with me :-) xx

    There's a thought!!

  • I've just emailed NCT again, adding that this time I'd like some acknowledgement. I think if everyone who was fed up hit 'report' on the dreaded posts, then NCT might sit up and take note! They probably think I'm a right grumble! X

  • I have just googled how to create a forum or maybe I will host one of Facebook! X

  • They either need to remove the link via the nhs pregnancy symptoms page, or create a new forum to suit the needs of theses women :/

  • this page is for people around the world so removing it from the nhs wudnt really do much,

  • Possibly not :/ nhs website does come up through googling pregnancy symptoms though, so that's my thinking behind it. I'm assuming that it would be a search result no matter where in the world your from xx

  • I so agree I have stopped coming answering those am I pregnant questions as its getting ridiculous. I only posted that query the other day as my niece was unsure about her tests and I wasn't as I never came across that problem when I was expecting but she is defiantly pregnant she got it confirmed. I used to love coming on this site but now I think should I just close my account down and leave to find a different site.

  • How would you feel if you were scared and just needed advice and you were reported as trolling or reported it is not the girls fault we are getting annoyed by so many, being mean is unfair to the individual, however naive or ignorant.

    Yes they should take the link of the symptoms webpage, it would help.

  • But the whole thing is we can't tell them even the advice can't tell them.. if it was a genuine question like I'm really worried I may be pregnant as I had unprotected sex..I don't want to be pregnant and I'm scared... then I would answer....u could give advice like the morning after pill. .. That u don't need to see a g.p for but I honestly think they are fake cos there is so many and they are questions no one has answers to and they are making fun from a site that is for genuine concerns.... and this isnt what the site is all about they Def need to take the link down!

  • None of my 'Links' appear on the NHS page which I find bizarre as I have posted on a number of occasions in both posts and questions x

  • Sorry I didn't mean ur links I meant the link from where the girls are looking at that link to this forum...I know one is the pregnancy page but surely there hasn't been an influx of young girls (I'm assuming they are young) logging on maybe I'm wrong? X

  • On the NHS site it does link to here and I can see most of the questions that are being posted as 'most recent' I just thought it odd that my one wasn't. Oh well...what can you do. ;-) x

  • Oh right see what u mean.... Yeah strange

  • I agree with you are all saying. I am finding them annoying too, but maybe these people are alone and have no one to turn too, but then there are doctors to turn too and pregnancy tests to use! I have been in the situation where I thought I was pregnant but I just took a test , I did not feel the need to post about it. I too am thinking of leaving, but you guys have been great I have noticed some great advice givers have already left. Maybe we should set up our own Facebook page!?

  • Have been thinking about this but it's a time factor, my LO in throws of sleep training and had a very bad night teething or I would do it lol...I have a name at the ready ;-)

  • I've had a reply from one of the admin team, acknowledging my complaint. Hopefully, something will be sorted.

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