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Could I be pregnant?

My last period was April first, me and my fiancé had unprotected sex April 5th and by April 12 I was waking up puking, I stopped taking Birthcontrol and got my withdrawl bleed on April 14th, since then I've been having mild pregnancy symptoms and haven't gotten my period and had lots of unprotected sex since my last period. I took and test and it came out negative, I'm just confused on if I could be pregnant or not. I'm always tired lately, very crabby/emotional, my boobs hurt, feel nauseas with certain smells and foods, I have a bloated/full feelings all the time, and weird cramps, but I haven't gotten a PPT. What's going on

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It does sound like you are pregnant. It can take several weeks for you to have enough of the pregnancy hormones that make a pregnancy test show positive. If there is anything unusual about your period you should book a visit to your health practitioner. Also if you were feeling ill and not to pregnant it would be a good idea to know what is up! Good luck.


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