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Could I be pregnant?

It's a lot to say but I need answers before going to the doctor's office. I am 17 and I'm sexually activated. I have a feeling I am pregnant but I've taken 3 pregnancy test and they've all came out negative but for some reason I feel pregnant.

Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex for about 5 minutes. It was on april 26. For the whole month of april I didn't get my period I've gone 21 days without getting it from it's projected date on my period tracker.

I've been extremely bloated and constipated. I haven't had any symptoms of pregnancy except alot urination and small belly button pains here in there but other than that nothing. I'm waiting to take another pregnancy test until the end of this week because I yet still haven't gotten my period and it's new projected date is on may the 17th. Do you believe I could be pregnant?

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This is not a diagnostic site. We are not doctors. You need to see your g.p.


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