Any hope? I feel like I have miscarried. Has anyone had a similar experience and what was the outcome ? ( good or not)

Hi everyone, I did a cb which confirmed 1-2. Later that day I had sharp pain in left side below my hip and the pain made me catch my breath. Immediately after that my symptoms stopped, ( boobs were very tender and full, then not, back to spaniels ears).

I did go to gp, we did a test and his was negative- in hindsight it was diluted I drink lots of water. He was like, basically it's all over, let nature take its course. But still no bleeding. Tested yesterday and cb said 2-3 so the hormones say it's progressing. I know an early scan is prob best option to know for sure -I would be 7 wks on tue. I'm not an idiot I know it's probably gone, but with no bleeding I'm clinging on to hope everything been ok. Please share if you been through same whatever the outcome. X

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  • Hi luv. I feel the same right now it's a horrible wait but I do think u should ask your gp or midwife for a scan, that's what I did and I had my scan last week which showed the baby was too small to detect a heartbeat (I was only 5 weeks) so I have another scan next week. I'm praying every thing is ok as I've had similar symptoms as u . Think positive and get that scan ,good luck hope all goes well.x.

  • You Def need a scan by the sound of it....If ur g.p isn't great u could go to a&e and say u have had a positive then negative then positive. .. But tell them about the pain they need to rule out an eptopic...ur dr should of been sending you for a scan asap.... I had pains in my right side when I was pregnant with my daughter and went to a&e they ruled out an eptopic and she is 16 now :)

  • Thankyou for your replies, appreciate it. I will ask to be referred for scan. Good luck too Bella16 x

  • You could also self refer to your local early pregnancy unit. You go should have offered you serial blood tests to monitor hormone rise. Although sharp pain on one side needs checked.

  • I have had 2 successful pregnancies and 2 miscarriages and I have to say that my symptoms came and went with both. With my first miscarriage I definitely felt less pregnant bit still has some symptoms, that pregnancy ended at 9 weeks but I didn't actually bleed so I didn't know I had miscarried until my 12 week scan. They said you can still have the hormones in your body which would give you some symptoms. My second miscarriage was at 11 weeks and I felt pregnant up until the time it happened so no real indications. With my healthy pregnancies I had varying symptoms, some days I felt like it had stopped, only to resurface the next day or so. I also bled in my last pregnancy at 5 weeks and thought it was all over but had lots of scans and once he had grown big enough they could see it progressing. I would suggest you try and go to an early pregnancy unit or arrange a scan, at your stage they would prob expect to see a sac but no embryo as too little but they could check your hormone levels with a blood test, if they then check them again a few days later then you can get a better indication if they are doubling as they should.

    It's such a nervous time so take care of yourself and best of luck.

  • Thankyou for your post, if you don't mind me asking...

    What happened after your scan on your 1st miscarriage? Did they just make you wait until your started bleeding naturally or did they give you medication? It's awful to talk about so sorry don't want to bring back sad times but just want to be prepared. X

  • Because it had already been over 3 weeks since the pregnancy ended without any bleeding they arranged an ERPC - evacuation of retained products from conception. I had a general anaesthetic and it was over quickly and I then bled for about a week after with period cramps. With my second miscarriage it was natural and I'm sorry to say quite dreadful and I ended up in a&e but I've heard people having less traumatic bleeding, I think mine was maybe bad because it was quite late so I had major clots to pass. Sorry TMI. I actually complained as I had been sent home after a scan confirming the miscarriage without any info on how much blood I would lose and a couple of days later passed out from it on my own. Sorry to scare, I was unlucky and most I believe are very straight forward but of course never easy to go through. I have two lovely children and I am sure whatever the outcome for you this time, you will have the same success. X

  • Really helpful, thankyou!!!! I'm so scared and all the rest that goes with it, pure denial, but I'm feeling more like I need to know one way or the other rather than just waiting. I'm going back to gp today for referral for scan.

  • You can call the EPU at your local hospital for advice and they might call you in for a scan x

  • How did you get on with everything? Hoping all is well with you.

  • Hi there, it's bad news I'm sorry to say. I started bleeding Tue night. I did go for scan on Wed morning which showed no pregnancy. They have done bloods to rule out eptopic but I'm pretty sure it's not.

    It must have finished quite early on because it was just like a normal period and it's over now. Not meant to be for me this time. Thanks for asking. Take care x

  • Ahhh, am so sorry to hear this. There is support out there if you want it.

    Miscarriage association is where I looked for support.

    Take care xx

  • So sorry to hear x

  • Thankyou all, it's been a big comfort actually been on here x

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