Pregnant at last! IVF success!

My partner and I have been having IVF with a sperm donor for three months and I just found out that I'm 3 weeks pregnant! :) Obviously very early days and, as it's our first child, we're both nervous. Obviously we've both done a lot of research on what to expect etc, but any practical advice from mums or mums-to-be would be smashing.

I've started taking pregnacare and due to the IVF, will be having regular appointments with the GP.

So ladies, any advice or words of wisdom? I'm over the moon!

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Congratulations :)

Firstly I would say- don't google too much lol you will probably drive yourself nuts with worry over symptoms you've got, not got & think you should have etc. especially at the beginning.

Secondly- relax, take each day as it comes & enjoy every second :)

Don't be afraid to ask or rant about anything on here :) always someone around to put your mind at rest or have a good moan with you lol


Thanks cheekymonkey! I've seen a lot of your posts and replies on here! :)

That's very good advice. Trying to look up all the do's and don'ts is very overwhelming. I've been looking for a "Pregancy for Dummies" type guide to talk me through the first few weeks.

Thanks for your help! :) x


Some of my friends recommended "what to expect when your expecting" but I personally didn't bother with books. Various websites such as the nhs, Emma's diary or bounty do weekly updates on what's going on in terms of your babies development & how you can expect to be feeling. But like it's already been said, every pregnancy is different so might not experience what they say you might. There are also some great apps too :)

The do's & don't can seem a little daunting but I think it's mostly about being sensible- they are our nhs guidelines & are mostly about eliminating risks. (Definitely worth following though). Like we have all said, don't be afraid to ask anything xx

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I think CheekyMonkey85 has summed it up perfectly. Try not to take everything such as symptoms literally, as every pregnancy is different! It's very easy to fret over every little thing (I do!), but try to voice any concerns you have - it's so much better to get these things off one's chest.

You'll be amazed at how quickly 9 months will pass!



Thanks for your reply! :) I'm a total worrier so I'll probably be posting on here quite a bit. Luckily my SO is the opposite; has a total level head so I have her around to ground me. :)



Good, don't be afraid to talk about the silliest of worries, even if she looks at you like you're bonkers (it's what happens with me and my OH, lol!)

In terms of the 'pregnancy for dummies' type thing, I've not read any books but I have an app called "I'm expecting" (android and apple). It's American (I think), so not everything is relevant, but it's great for giving you weekly updates as to what's happening 'in there'! I also signed up to Bounty, for the same things. X


Aww am chuffed for you! Congratulations hun xx


Congratulations, I second the goggling thing, I drove myself mad. At the beginning you will get very tired so take it easy & take care of yourself. Try & relax, each pregnancy is different & I got alot of advice all throughout my pregnancy from the ladies on here. Good luck x



I am now 8 weeks pregnant after 3 rounds of IVF and I can definitely say that googling just drives you insane and makes you think it'll all go wrong. Take the time to enjoy it after all you've been through.



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