Nightlight or no nightlight?

We've recently got a blackout blind for our LO's room and it's literally pitch black. I know darkness helps him to sleep better & for longer but when he wakes up during the night I can't help but feel that it's a bit scary for him!

Do many of you use night lights or maybe leave the door open with the landing light on? Or is it best to keep it dark? I know every baby is different, this is just a bit of a poll!! :-) x

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We have a groegg that used since birth. That's the only light I use and it's more for me to be able to attend to him in the night or it's like being blind as we have a roller blackout blind and curtains but it's not mega dark in daylight hours X


Baby doesn't seem to care:-) had a night light on but it bothered me. Now I have the landing light on. If Hubby is alone with him he'll have no light, but I wake a lot to check on him and need some light. Baby honestly doesn't seem mind either way. Same with noise. During the day he sleeps with lots of noise and at night with silence.


I have made a rod for my own back. Since birth we have slept with our lamp on and I haven't really tried with darkness. Though when we watched a movie with my father in law, the room was dark and lo got scared. I feel I need the light as im still checking if she's breathing every so often as she can sleep so still and silently its unnerving.

I'd say do what makes you comfortable x


I've always kept my bathroom light on the landing light was to bright. ..I actually don't like it pitch black and now I've had children I like to have on if they need the loo in the night. ..u could try them night lights to see what u think x


My daughter sleeps better without the nightlight (we used to use one but tried without it as she kept stirring), so its really dark, but as you said, they're all different!


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