Am I pregnantor cld it be something else. Im having most symptoms. How long shld I wsit my cycle is every 28days pls help I feel confused?

I startd my cycle on 30th of march then ended it on the 5th of april. Went on vacation on april 12 th the whole time Our method the whole time pull out we where together along with condoms. I came back on 16th of april. Didnt have much symptoms. I started my period on the 30th of april had brown bleeding then red then light for 4 days. Now I have been feeling tired and achy back no sireness if breast. Just slight pain. Have pelvic pain nothing unbareable. Feel naseous drinking lots of water eating more and some time less. Nipples seem same collor but bigger. Eating rare foods like oysters and craving strawberries which I dont like. Eating lots of fruit than normal and dizzy. I can smell things nore than usual. I took 2 pregnancy test one yesterday in evenibg and one this morning. Still negativee. Im starting to gain weight and when close are too tight it stsrts to hurt belly so I have to un button. Shld I wait or continue to go along oh snd I only sleep on my sides. Im I pregos or not pls help?

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Only your GP can help in this situation.


Can low hcg levels or ecotopic pregnancy be the cause. Idk I ferl lost. My general practitioner


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