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4 days to go, back to back and bored stiff!

I'm due on Tuesday! Ahh it's gone so quickly. Been on maternity leave for about 3 weeks now and I'm officially bored out of my mind! I've cleaned everything, washed everything, put up shelves and reorganised the cupboards and now I'm praying for her to come along and keep me busy! Anyone else climbing the walls waiting for their little people? I also found out she's turned back to back this week. What a naughty little monkey, she's been in the same perfect head down position for a month and a half and this week has flipped round to look at the front of my tummy. What can I do to get her to shuffle back again?

Hope all bumps and babies are doing well

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Hands and knees, scrubbing the floor for you, young lady! Well, that's what I've heard gets these little monkeys to turn the right way!

I'm already on my ML, and I've got six weeks! Feeling pretty lazy :-/ The OH and I moved house about 5/6 weeks ago, and things still need to be done, but unfortunately I'm not a plumber or a builder! Grr! X


Ahhh make the most of it. ... Go for lunch enjoy the sunshine all exciting stuff all the best xx

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Mine were both back to back, labour was long but they were both vaginal births. First baby I just needed an episiotomy, 49 hours from first contractions (latent stage), second baby I had an episiotomy, failed ventouse, then out he popped with forceps, only 11 hours, but contractions were a lot stronger from the start.

Second baby, I tried everything, always lying on my left side in bed, down on all fours (tidying my toddler's toys), on elbows and feet with my bum up in the air (yoga, downward facing dog, but on your elbows), bouncing on my birthing ball, visualising him turning to face the right way. Obviously my pelvis is shaped to hold back to back babies.

I hope you manage to turn your little one.

As for being bored, if you haven't already, do some batch cooking and freeze meals so you have lots of healthy ready meals to help you through the early days. Find out about all the baby groups you can go to when lo arrives. Go to bumps and babes and chat to new mums, get advice on coping with sleep deprivation and other tips. If you plan to breastfeed, go to a breastfeeding drop in, it's not always as easy as you would hope and it's good to know where to go for support. I've been to bf drop ins with both of mine, both were tongue tied and number 2, at 6 weeks old still makes me a bit sore some feeds, but it's so lovely once it works, I am determined to keep trying. It can take up to 8 weeks before you both get the hang of bf and their mouth grows big enough to take enough breast tissue deep enough into their mouth. My first baby's tongue tie wasn't identified until she was nearly 6 weeks old, we got it cut and I bf until she was 10 months old, but I went to so many people for advice in those six weeks and had mastitis twice - check out what the symptoms are and how to treat this, I wish I'd known.

I know it's hard, but relax and enjoy this time, if you're tense and stressed lo will decide it's better inside and you'll be waiting even longer! Go for long (as far as you feel you can go) walks, that can help prepare your body for labour. Get a pedicure, other beauty treatments that you're allowed, have a hair cut, you won't have time for a while after baby is born.

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