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My LO is 5 weeks old and we have used Infacol since she was newborn. She burps well during her feed but she still always seems to have trapped wind with a lot of grunting in her sleep and often sudden screaming but not long periods of crying. Recently she is not burping so well and screaming straight after a feed (except at night time). She doesn't want more food as she isn't taking her whole bottle but seems to have tummy ache and trapped wind. We have switched to c and g comfort milk last week which we give in tommee tippee bottles. We also use gripe water inbetween feeds sometimes.

Someone has suggested using gripe water before a feed instead of Infacol? Any suggestions or ideas as don't like to see her distressed.

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Our LO suffered the same at about the same age - we tried infacol but it didn't really seem to work for her. We did the "cycling" movement with her legs (lie her on her back and 'cycle' her legs in the air) and that really helped her. You could also try baby massage? Our HV gave us some good tips on wind and colic symptoms?

It's tough when they are in discomfort and you can't do much to help. Our LO grew out of it by about 6/7 weeks - fingers crossed your daughter does too!


It is just so horrible seeing them struggle. She doesn't seem to have a problem going for poo and goes every other day (yesterday as we were having here weighed!). She is putting weight on well so not concerned just want to ease her pain. Let's hope she grows out of it soon.


Sounds like colic, my LO had it and sorry to break it to you but went on until 11 weeks. Changing to comfort formula helped also try coilef, it's expensive so get on prescription if possible & add as instructed. Keep using gripe water aswell and like other answer suggested baby massage. Good luck, it's hard when not alot you can do to help x


I use dentinox colic drops and mix in with bottle feed I find they work very well :)


Yes agree, horrible seeing them in pain and unfortunately only time will thoroughly solve the problem. But until then you could try infacol before a feed, gripe water after a feed or dentinox before a feed. Don't use them at the same time though! Have a spell of each and see what works the best. A friend really likes infacol but my lo responds better to gripe water. Cycle legs as previously mentioned is great, push the knees up into their tummy and hopefully you'll hear some wind!

Try a baby massage particularly on their stomach, this can really relax them and get the bowels moving. Your local children's centre may run a free course. Also make sure you are only feeding your lo when they are actually hungry. Over feeding can cause the digestive system to become over burdened and not function efficiently. In breast fed babies check the latch is correct. Good luck!


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