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Teething and sleep?

My lo is 12 weeks and hubby and I are fairly sure she has started teething - I know it's early but all the signs are there: chewing her fists, dribbling everywhere, red cheeks etc. She's doing ok with it so far, just a little grumpiness early evening, but her sleep has completely changed in the last week. She's gone from sleeping 8pm-7am to waking at 4:30-5 for three nights and this morning she woke at 2:30 - she cries for food and is then awake for at least an hour, generally grumbling but not crying.

I know that disturbed sleep is mentioned in teething advice but the advice seems a bit vague on how to deal with it or what happens, and when it should go back to "normal". Has anyone else had this? Did sleep return to pre-teething patterns? Does anyone have any advice on ways to soothe at night or keep her asleep? She's bottle fed and has had some calpol but I don't really want to give her that any more than I have to.

I don't mind the night feeds and soothing but my hubby is struggling with being back at work!

Thanks everyone x

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My hv recommended using tgel couple of minutes before a feed as you can't always feel anything (as in teeth) and the gums could be itchy and sore. It lasted about a week the first time then fine for a week, more grumblings for a week (could actually feel something on bottom gums) and gone again. Every time his sleep went back to normal.


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