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Could I be pregnant?

Hello everyone my husband and I have been trying to get pregnant, but lately it seems impossible. We had our first child a little girl in August of 2013, we want our children close in age so that's why we are trying again. My biggest concern is a missed period, that was my huge sign I was pregnant for my daughter but since having her I have not had a consistent period. I bled until almost the first week of October after having our daughter then I did not have my period the whole month of October come November I had it for the week of Thanksgiving which it typical I usually had a week long period. I got it again the week of Christmas and it lasted until almost March. I had gone to the doctors and they said everything was fine. I stopped for a while and now it comes whenever it wants to and stays sometimes 2 weeks sometimes 2 days.

My husband and I decided in late March that we wanted to try again so we started and still nothing, I don't believe. I got my period on April 25th and it lasted until about May 3. I stopped completely and we have been trying, my only thing is I bled for like 3 days it was not a full period just a little spotting. However I have had some really bad cramps, plus I've been breaking out, and I am bloated. I took two ovulation test over the weekend and they both said I am ovulated. as of right now I've taken one pregnancy test and it has come back negative. So my question is am I pregnant? I just don't want to get my hopes up and stop trying if I'm not

thanks for the help

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Sounds like u need to go back and see ur dr ask about progesterone tablets to try and help regulate ur cycle


I have never heard of them. Do you think it will make it harder to get pregnant without them


If ur bleeding alot then ur hormones sound like they could be unbalanced ur g.p can check with a blood test. ..u can keep trying as u are. .. Who knows only to be will tell but if u don't want to leave it longer to get pregnant u need to see ur g.p


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