Anyone heard of the nhs minor ailments scheme?

I've been into town today with my other half while he gets his haircut & other bits & bobs, and while chatting to his hairdresser he mentions millys cough. She said to just pop to boots & they will give you some calpol for free! We didn't as we already have some & she doesn't like it anyway- but googled it when we got home & there is all sorts you can get as an alternative to going to the docs for minor illnesses including conjunctivitis & thrush. It is mostly Scotland & Northern Ireland, but some boots stores in the uk do it too.

I've never heard of it before so though I'd share :)

Here's the boots link with the info too


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11 Replies

  • Wow that is good ta for info x

  • Thanks for that hun. Always good to know these things! Xx

  • Hope you can all make use of it :) a lot more convenient than waiting all day for a doctors appointment!

  • I live in Scotland and have used this service a few times. It's only for minor things, but you get seen as a walk in and always been very helpful, plus hopefully it reduces the waiting time for gp if people use the pharmacy service

  • Exactly, goodness knows why it isn't available everywhere- if it's for something little but prescription only medicine. Prescriptions are free for kids anyway

  • Yes, it's a Scheme almost all community pharmacies (not just boots) run now for anyone who receives free prescriptions. It's basically there to free up gp time and save time for the patients. But fyi, calpol will do nothing for a cough...

  • Really? That's good to know :)

    Oh, & I know calpol will do nothing for her cough lol she was only a young girl & calpol would prob have been her answer for every illness lol thankfully the cough is disappearing on its own xx

  • Thanks, good to know these things x

  • It's all down to your practice.. mine don't do it... in fact I was told it was my responsibility to buy all my son's medicine !!! Charming !! x

  • Oh wait I thought Scotland and Northern Ireland actually made up half of the UK?

  • Oops, never spotted that error on my original post, should have said england. it's available in Scotland and Northern Ireland, but only selected stores in England & Wales.

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