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Weaning again

Hi all

Sorry to be a pain but I have another weaning question. My little boy is 8 months and he is having 3 meals a day. Breakfast which is normally porridge or weatabix. Lunch normally a pureed meal with a yoghurt or fruit pot for dessert and then the same for tea. He does normally have a biscuit or some ricecakes or corn crisps aswell. He is still having 24oz of milk

The reason for my post is to find out how much your babies are eating and if you can give me any advice on this as a first time mummy I do find some things difficult to know if I'm doing them correctly. My little one is under the 25th percentile for his weigh but my healthvisitor isn't worried about this as he is gaining some weight.

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At 8 months you can definately introduce more lumpy food- even food like pasta, just cut up into half. The earlier you introduce this consistency of food the better. Plus probably help his hunger as will take longer to digest. I started my little boy on cut up food at 6 months and he had no problems. x


That sounds fine to me do u use baby milk for hours weetabix or full fat milk either is fine. ..x like above said start making it a little more lumpy use mash potato instead of blending etc or if u are using jars then use the age appropriate ones x


I have started to blend it a little less and use pasta and things. The porridge I use only needs water but when he has weatabix I use baby milk I didn't think they were allowed cows milk until they were 1?


They can have full fat cows milk mixed with food after 6 months but they can't have it as a drink until after 12 months x


All my babies have been on the lower line. All born 7lb 1 6lb 7 and 6lb 6. All three are healthy ages 7 5 and 10 months. My baby has 3 6oz bottles and 1 7oz. Porridge toast fruit purée and a biscuit and a pasta turkey chicken rice based meal puréed. Sounds like your doing a great job mummy. Health visitors are always poking there nose in. !


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