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Mamas and papas sabrina cot assembly manual

Hi all,

We've got this cot bed for my little one from a friend who didn't have the manual to assemble. We didn't even take pictures or anything when hubby was disassembling the bed. How stupid!! We got home and now we have some bits of furniture and screws and stuff and we didn't know where to start. Is anyone out there who has the same bed and the assembly instructions? Can you please mail the pictures to me at Really really appreciate it! ! Thanks a lot.

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I don't know if this helps, but after a google search I found the following link. If you scroll down to "standard cribs" it lists Sabrina. Might be worth a look?


Thanks a lot hon! Already did that yesterday but they are of no use unfortunately!


Ring up mama and papa and ask them if they can send u an instruction booklet out of they still stock it they should be able to do that x


Thanks love! Will definitely try that today!


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