Did anyone experience lower abdominal pain at 28 week's? Or reduced movements?

Hi ladies I've been experiencing constant pain across the bottom of my tummy since Tuesday with on and off pulling pain made worse when standing. I'm 28 weeks I went to the hospital on sat where I was told my right side wad too tender. The monitor however shows babys heartbeat wad normal. I was told to come in today for a scan to see if anything shows up. I'm terrified has anyone else been through this?

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If u are still feeling reduced movement make sure u make that clear today along with the continuing pain. ...With my daughter I had a constant pain all over my tummy it was so sore I couldn't touch it ... It kept me awake all night and by morning I couldn't take it anymore I went into hospital where I was admitted and they found I had am infection but they didn't know what. .. It was very strange but after two days of antibiotics I was fine. .. Hope they get it sorted for u sounds like they are on the ball x

Thanks for that mummymummy they were asking about burning when i pass urine but I haven't experienced that. But I have noticed that some times after going toilet the pain increases down my right hip and leg. I get intimidated when I go there and forget things. I will keep you posted. Xx

Write it all down and pls don't feel like that u are doing everything right to protect ur baby... If u feel like that then tell them that they are making u feel like it x

I will do that thank you xx

Sorry I haven't got any words of advice but just wanted to say good luck and keep us posted xz

Hope it all goes ok, I'm sure it will do :-) As Mummymummy said, write down your concerns and how you've been feeling so you can let them know everything X

Hi ladies thanks for the support hes fine he's just really big and in an awkward position. They've said they will keep monitoring weekly to make sure everything is ok. I'm a lot more relaxed now xx

Oh good to hear they are keeping an eye on u x

You can breath a sigh of relief now hun xx

Glad to hear things are ok! X

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