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Opinions on this 'fluttery feeling'

Hi everyone, so i posted about a month ago that my periods had been every other week and driving me crazy, ive had a period of 5 weeks with constant bleeding. ive finaly come of my period about a week ago.over the past week ive been constantly getting this fluttery feeling asif theres something wiggling round inside me. the earliest i dtd after my lo was born was jan 25 but i was on the pill. but with this constant bleeding surely I cant be pregnant again?? I'm not very body confident after giving birth either so weve probably only dtd about 3 times since jan! (sorry to much info) i just dont know what else this could sounds stupid and pathetic but I'm simply too scared to take a test coz I really am not ready emotionaly or financial for another child.....

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Btw I'm not asking if I'm pregnant haha i'm just seeing if anyone has experienced similar 6m after having a baby X thanks x


Sounds like ur hormones still need to settle down what pill are u on? The mini pill made me bleed all the time I would go and see ur g.p but u do need to do a test the g.p could sort it all out for you u can only Bury ur head for so long... If u are pregnant u need time to get ur head round it. .. my friend was on the pill 3rd child didn't know she was pregnant til 20 weeks so that was her 4th then happened again so now has 5 boys she got sterilised! X


I was on levest - not sure what pill that is. And it worked a charm however I often forgot and switched for an implant and I would often get day where I thought I could be pregnant and ended up paranoid! I checked with my doctor and had a blood test for reassurance :-)


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