Best time to conceive!?

So, myself and my partner are trying to conceive, I don't wanna go on any medication but we have been having unprotected sex for well over a year now and still no joy. I finished my on a thurs which was 10 days ago and had sex in the Monday, 5 days later( which would make it last night)I got that sting/pinch feeling in my lower left side like I was ovulating and today I have white discharge. Iv read that sperm can last up to 10 days? Is this true? Could I be pregnant?

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It's best to have sex 3days before ovulation and sperm can last 7 days but if i was you i would speak to your gp because a year doesn't sound normal for conception

U should try and have sex every other day....start when u finish ur period and have sec for at least a week to maximise ur chances

Also u should see ur g.p

They do say if you haven't conceived within a year then ask your GP just in case. Sperm can last for five to seven days so trying several times in the week before ovulation and just after is best. Mucous is a natural sign of ovulation. Fertilisation occurs at ovulation implantation occurs between four and ten (i think) days later and then hormone levels really begin to rise. That's why the day of your missed period is more or less the best time to test. You may not have any symptoms at all until about six or more weeks, discharge is a symptom but none of the possible symptoms this early are reliable indicators, the only way is to test.

I know they are expensive but have you tried the clear blue ovulation tests? I tried some other cheaper sticks for a couple of months but they were hit and miss. I then bought the expensive digital ones and with my first smiley face I conceived...I realised that my cycle changed a little each month and I also ovulated much earlier than the suggested timings for an average 28 day cycle. The tests were great for me as they cut out the whole anxious waiting and wondering. I also had a 2 year old at the time so regular sex wasnt an option thanks to frequent night issues!!

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