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I had dry sex with my bf 2 weeks before my period I am now 3 days late I have also been having pregnancy symptoms but can I get pregnant?

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I was wet but I had my knickers on and jeans and he too was wearing trousers and his boxers help please extremely worried

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This has got to be a joke...

It's a shame people think it's funny and have nothing better to do when this site is for women with genuine concerns ... disgusting

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Has sex education been stopped in schools now? Just dont get it!!

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funny u shud mention that as talking to my friends niece whos 13, she had no clue about anything and said they hadn't had sex ed at school, literally knew nothing

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There is no bloody wonder there is this kind of nonsense on here and girls are getting pregnant at 12/13 years old! Obviously the ones that are getting pregnant actually take their clothes off!!!

I agree! I do not wish to see this kind of posting....it's a joke! The am I pregnant ones are bad enough!

It is very unlikely that you could be pregnant if you didn't undress, however if you or you BF touched your private parts with hands covered in his sperm there is a possibility that you could be pregnant. Best to use a pregnancy test or visit your GP and ask about regnancy testing and advice on contraception.

This has got to be the top of the pops hasn't it

Haaaaha WTF!

I hope this has been written by a very naive 14 yr old!!!!! Perhaps there's a youth club or her biology teacher to talk to about how babies are made!!

ADMIN................something needs to be done about these ridiculous posts on what should be a reputable forum.....the NCT is there to genuinely help parents before their little ones go to school but these posts take the mickey.

Some of the names give it away. This one above, prime example.

Oi you that post this crap - do One - idiot

WTF is dry sex anyway??????????

If you had on the amount of clothing you said you had on, then you’re fine. Now, if you bf cummed and he/you touched near or inside your genital with cum on his or your hand, there is a slight chance pregnancy.

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