i need someone to reassure me and to help me on if i may be pregnant?!

i had sex nearly 4 weeks ago. I'm on the pill and i also took the morning after pill but i still feel like i could be pregnant even though I've also taken a test that says I'm not, but i have an ovarian cyst which may of affected to test apparently. I've researched the symptoms of pregnancy and i have some of they symptoms but i do not know if I'm over exaggerating or not. i just need some reassurance really. I'm 17 and im not too sure on what to do..

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  • Hi hunny you sound very worried. Could you test again? Maybe visit your doctor? If you are taking the pill correctly and on this occasion took morning after pill aswel I wouldn't have thought that you were but your obviously worried so always best to get checked out to put your mind at rest xx

  • hi, yes I'm very worried. I have been taking it correctly and i took the morning after pill so i think i should be okay and that I'm over worrying and thinking and some of the symptoms I'm having could be my ovarian cyst i think but i will re do another test this week to be on the safe side, thank you xx

  • I agree,

    Wait about a week later & test again to see the result as it can be a bit worrying when you dont know what could be happening.


  • Its very worrying, but i will do another test this week. thank you for your reply x

  • Ovarian cysts can give a false positive....I had a false positive but this was a good few years ago. .. If u r on the pill but still feel anxious then use condoms as well...taking the morning after pill whilst in the pill could mess up ur system its like taking a massive dose of the pill which is not good for ur body

  • It's not a proper ovarian cyst it's one on the outside of the ovary in another tube apparently could this still effect it?

  • I think it's one near the cyst anyway, what should I do to see for definite if I'm positive or negative

  • Get a blood test :-)

  • do you think the symptoms I'm having could be my cyst thing as looking it up I'm having the cyst and pregnancy symptoms that are both the same

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