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I have a question, is something wrong with me? or should I take a pregnancy test? PLEASE HELP, just lost insurances, dont have a primary dr

I REALLLLY REALLLY need advice, so if anyone have been thru the same situation, or are a dr or whoever, please respond. thank you SO MUCH. So I had sex about 4-5 months ago, and that following month I completely missed my period. panicking , I took a test which came back negative, so I relaxed and thought it was just stress. I got my next period the following month so I thought I was off the hook. The following month I was "late" and missed it again, and then the following month I got a little period again, then this month I got no period again!!! wha is going on??? I've ALWAYS gotten my period every month forever, unless I was pregnant. and I took a test early on so I don't know whats going on. I know your not supposed to have a period while pregnant, right? I don't have a primary doctor, so if I could get some advice that'd be great? has anyone been thru this samew thing and been pregnant?

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Id do another test and go from there hun xx



I'd firstly like to say it is possible to get maybe 1 or 2 simular like periods whilst during the stages of early pregnancy and the baby can still successfully grow full term to 40wks of gestation,

But i wanted to also say/ask have you either recently started taking or changed a form of any contraception ?

If so this may be the cause for your irregular bleeding or menstrual cycle.

If this is not the case & you've tried taking another pregnancy test it may be worth asking your g.p to perform a blood test which can usually let you whats goin on.



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