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Need a rant after a long long time ! and yes it about the NHS system again

However, hard I try I can just not get my head straight along this system.

In every other country with all my friends who have a baby or who have someone in family with a baby there is a paediatric who is the first point of reference for any kind of worry the parents might have.

Whenever I write on FB about Isabella not being well, I get atleast 50 people asking me did you take her to pedia, what did the doc said, i hope she is getting better soon (and this by no way is exaggeration in number as Isabella is quite a popular kid and I have over 500 friends who always follow my updates and news and whatever shit or not-so-shit is happening in my life)

So - where the hell is a pedia ? I have no VAGUE IDEA

I live 5 minutes from my GP and 5 minutes from the Royal Sick Kids hospital.

three weeks, Isabella has runny nose, dry cough and can not hold down anything in her stomach, I call my GP he tells me to put her off milk and solids for a day and only give her water (I ask is it not so extreme, the A***HOLE GP replies me SHE WONT DIE ! Bloody F*** since when do you say words like those for anyone's child! )

Super annoyed me goes to the Sick Kids (after having 3 unsuccessful meeting with the GP) they ask me if the GP referred me, by this time I am all boiling, my child is sick she needs help, her body is not absorbing anything (she shit out anything she eats or drinks, it just comes out straight through!)... I tell them, that I think she has malaria because we were in India for a month (now that malaria part was cooked up, because I wanted to see the Pedia.)

Bingo, we are in, her bloods are taken, the Pedia checks her, she has lumps in her crotch (we dont know for what) but the bloods are normal and no malaria even.

However, she has gone back to being 8 Kgs (that was her weight two months ago when she was 7 months) and nope the weight loss has not been because of suddenly being over-active as she has already been very over-active and happy (except the last few days when she has been cranky)

but she is now on 25th centile of weight (she was born and was steady at 75th centile)

and I am SOOOOO Annoyed !

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If you dont like it, pay private. Or go to where ever it is your friends live.

There are far too many drug adicts, alcoholics, obese and smokers draining the nhs as well as all the hundreds of thousands of people claiming benefits and immigrants, not paying a penny into the system yet still demand nhs care. There isnt much left in the bank once all those 'people' have been seen to. Im not saying you are one of them, if you are its none of my business if you are, but you need to understand there is only so much time and money. If we all went to see a paediatric consultant every time our child had a cold then the hospital system would be in an even worse state.


Oh hun it's a worry...ur g.p hasn't been very diligent, but at least the hospital have checked her over, Def not normal of she has lost that much weight and what a worry for u, so her glands are up in her groin that points to something not being right sounds like it needs further investigating. .. my son when he was about 10 months kept being sick he was sick everyday around the same time and wouldn't eat much my g.p wasn't concerned she kept saying if he is drinking then don't worry... We won't do a thing till it has been two weeks and he was sick for two weeks but the stopped on the 14th day but I was so worried about him. .. What are they

doing about ur daughter? Keep taking her back everyday if it is continuing x also I would contact the hospital for tropical diseases they are based in London. .. is just a thought and explain she has been like this since u came back from india they will get u to go in if they think it maybe something that she picked up in India they might be able to help x

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Thanks for the kind words hun!

We are waiting on the stool test results now and its the long weekend ! Sic.

I just changed my GP few months ago as I was not happy with the previous one, with this one again, it seems they just push things too far for them to go wrong before they step in.

Isabella almost always have issues with feeding, first it was a poor latch then it was a silent reflux which was diagnosed by a private doctor in Netherlands because the private doctor here dint think it could be that if NHS is saying it is not that (how amazing!)

When that got sorted, so now we have this !

I am also a bit relaxed as so far there is no malaria in her bloods (because the symptoms of malaria are also very similar to cold, infact it actually starts with a cold)

I am just glad that I am out of this place in August this year (and probably will take Isabella to Fatherland this June itself)


We are lucky we have a free nhs service although it's not free aswe pay taxes towards it but sadly not enough money in the pot to make it better, and it is so over stretched so failings do occur..and Some are better than others. .I have to add the extortionate charges they charge for car parking should go back into the hospitals! I do hope u get her sorted out x


I can see why the Doctor suggested you kept her off milk and solids for a day. It'll help her electrolytes/potassium. Although their attitude wasn't particularly nice, they're not like Facebook 'friends', because they're not false or nosey and they don't post selfies every two minutes. Unfortunately, the NHS professionals interest in their patients is purely professional and medical, which can come across as uncaring and rude.

Saying that, it's good that your LO has been checked over and that malaria has been ruled out. Sometimes, you have to take an absence of 'interest' as a good sign - if, when you went to the G.P surgery or hospital, there was immediate concern, then you'd definitely know about it by now!

However, that's not helping how worried you must be, or how your daughter is. Have you kept her off solids and milk as suggested?

In your last post, you said you'd noticed this after you'd come back from India? If you stayed with friends/family, perhaps get in touch with them and ask them to see if there have been any outbreaks of viruses in the area you stayed? Any information like this is useful.

Also, since you've returned, is there anything at all that has been changed or introduced into her diet? I'm just thinking in terms of intolerances. Are there any factors that you could also consider? E.G is she up to date with her vaccines? Has she had any other symptoms, or displayed unusual behaviour?

I'm asking these because it's more information for the Doctor when/if you get another appointment. Another option is your health visitor. I know they can't diagnose things, but they might be able to help with advice.



hi hun, yes i re-looked the whole situation over and over again and there is nothing alarming in it, we were mostly at my Parents place and mostly indoors or in the car because of the heat outside (and everyone has been so very cautious for her, she is the first grand-child!), when we came back she was weighed and she was 8.6 Kgs (so she definitely gained weight during the trip) and now just in less than a month she is back to being 8 Kgs (if it was just cough and cold I wont have bothered, but her bum rash looks so worse, plus this lymphs and her weight loss, if the weight was stable, or just increased marginally I wont have bothered, but she is loosing weight and that is quite alarming)

I tried to keep her off solids and milk as the doctor said, but she is a very aware baby and knows what is a milk and what is a water and she can cry really loud (which is not fair to the neighbours, I feel)

I even tried keeping her on water (as she is more familiar to water than to the taste of electrolyte, but after two days of keeping her hungry for most part of the day, I have to give it up.

Anyways it surprises me that my GP did not even registered it when I suggested to do a stool test (but thankfully Sick Kids did take that suggestion)

And I just find it so amusing that how many times people would have to run to Sick Kids Hospital if the GP is as reliable as mine

And nope my HV said she would rather have me call the GP ... She was my first contact after Isabella was sick for around 14 days (because that is the normal time frame for babies as I read)


That sucks that the HV can't refer her :-( If you hadn't have just moved surgeries, I would have suggested you do that next! Is there another Doctor you could see there? Did your GP weigh her, I forgot to ask, or was it at the hospital. It's surprising if they weren't 'bothered' by the weight loss if so X


No he did not - so surprising (they weighed her at sick kids)

In words of my GP - "Well Mum if you think she is going week, you can call the HV and arrange with her to weigh her on Mondays" (I dont know if this is how it is everywhere else too, but here in Edi, the HV comes to the surgery once a week, or at times the patients at the surgery go to the HV once a wk, in case of my surgery it is the later and the HV meet-up days are Mondays first half)

Oh! i am just happy that my work will be done by August and I will go out of UK (but yes NHS system has been one of the big reasons for us to decide that UK is not where we want to live...sorry about that)


I can understand your frustrations. I've had some crappy experiences at times with them, but they've also been utterly wonderful and saved my life!

All I can say is to try and hang on in there. I really do hope you get some answers soon. P.S - Don't worry about upsetting any neighbours if your daughter is upset, I'm sure they'll understand :-) X


Hi there,

I’m sorry your little girl has been sick and I’m glad you got to see a hospital doctor in the end. However, I must speak up in defence of the NHS. I’ve lived on and off in different countries across African and Asia including Nairobi, South Africa, India and Thailand for the past 10 years, with some periods of staying in the UK and using the NHS in between. I’ve always been fortunate enough to go to the very best private hospitals in the countries I’ve lived in (paid by insurance!). And I have to say that the NHS is by and large far superior to any of the private hospitals I’ve been to in any of the countries I’ve lived.

People often mistake plush surroundings, readily available specialists with plenty of time to listen to patients and a good bed-side manner with superior standards of medical care. I’m afraid in too many cases this is simply not the case. The NHS is overstretched and under-resourced but we honestly have the best trained doctors in the world. Of course not all are perfect and, as in any profession there will always be a few health care professionals who fall short of the mark. But in the UK the basic standard of training is far, far superior to any of the overseas hospitals I’ve been to. The NHS has comprehensive diagnosis and treatment protocols which help doctors to provide the very best care based on the most up to date research. And a complaints system is in place so that if health care professionals do fall short of the mark then this can be addressed. I’m afraid this is simply not the case in the vast majority of other (usually private) health care systems.

I’ve just given birth to a little girl and spent my pregnancy living in Bangkok, Thailand where I was registered at the country’s best hospital for ante-natal care. We have fresh coffee, and croissants available free of charge in the waiting rooms, very plush surroundings and delivery and recovery suites comparable to a five star hotel. I saw a senior obstetrician every two weeks without fail and she always had plenty of time to discuss any concerns etc. with me. The obstetrician I saw was the most recommended amongst all the expats. in Bangkok. BUT, I would swap this for the NHS any day of the week. Despite the impressive superficial impression, the doctor I saw had no idea of the latest research or diagnosis and treatment guidelines that are readily available on the NHS. I had a couple of minor (ish) health problems during my pregnancy and found myself time and time again having to look on the NHS or NICE (the UK medical standards body) websites and downloading information to take to the obstetrician. With worrying frequency, my obstetrician told me information that was either plain wrong or a bit out of date. I was by no means unique in this experience and a number f friends reported similar issues. I compared the NHS/NICE guidelines with the equivalent bodies in the USA just to check how much different countries varied in their approach to certain medical issues. The NHS and USA guidelines were surprisingly similar, usually pretty much identical, whereas the Thai advice was wildly out of date. And this is at the best hospital in Thailand, under the best obstetrician. And Thailand is well-known throughout the world as a medical tourist destination, selling itself on its superior standards of care. My experience in other countries across Africa and Asia has been similar.

Of course we all like to have the best possible care for our children but as a general rule there is no need to see a pediatrician for babies’ day to day complaints. And any half way decent doctor would be able to spot when something was seriously amiss and refer you to appropriate specialists. The fact that pediatric specialists are the first port of call in other healthy systems is because these are private –i.e. profit making businesses. So of course there is going to be up-selling. But this does not translate into a superior quality of medical care.

Yes, the NHS is far from perfect. It’s over-stretched and under-resourced. There ARE certainly poor quality doctors nurses and other health care staff as in any profession. But, no system is perfect and on the whole from my experience the NHS is far, far more effective, efficient, trustworthy and professional than any of the top class private hospitals I’ve ever been in. AND, remember that all of this is free to everyone at the point of delivery and, when paid for through our taxes, still costs a tiny fraction of private medical care in the UK or in other countries.

Ritz21, as another poster commented, if you aren’t satisfied with the NHS system then by all means do pay to go privately. You will receive comparable standards of care as in the NHS as most private doctors are trained in the UK national health system but please don’t criticize the NHS when in fact it is one of the best health care systems in the world and should be a source of huge pride to the UK.


I have stayed and lived in many countries and I have also been fortunate enough to get the best medical attention wherever needed. and my experience with NHS just sucks.... and that does not mean just this one sporadic event, you should read my birth story and how my happy health baby of 3.72 Kgs ended up in neo-natal because the mid-wives did not bothered to provide event slightest care during the first few days and how everyone just kept telling me, 'oh! babies just cry a lot for no reason', while I kept insisting no there is something wrong. I could have almost lost my beautiful child (Yes! it went to be that serious)

So my experience with NHS just does not make me very comfortable with it. And thankfully both me and my husband can choose to pay privately (which is what we have been doing every time the GP fails us, and its been at least 5 times in last 9 months)

I am glad you have a good experience with NHS - I obviously do not share your story.


I'm sorry you're so worried about your child but the good thing about them is it's almost always nothing. Your GPs attitude stinks but he's probably right. He'll see far too many parents like you, worried sick over most probably nothing, unhappy with the advice they're given, wishing for the worst case scenario so they can take him to court. We're extremely fortunate in this country to have the NHS, they don't always get it right but unfortunately we don't hear the stories when they do. I'm guessing you wouldn't be on here raving if you'd got the advice and diagnosis you were hoping for. I truly hope it is nothing with your daughter and that she's ok. Hopefully then you'll trust that your gp did know what he was talking about and forgive him for taking, what was probably a bad morning surgery, out on you

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I somehow just dont seem to have any pleasant experience with NHS since my pregnancy started, the ladies over here even suggested me to complaint about the Mid-wives and I did that (after which I got a 30 minutes apology call from mid-wife supervisor) But it just dint stop there.

Even my pretty straight forward birth became horrifying, with a new-born crying for 4 hours while the doctors open and stitch me up again because they missed out the internal tears when they stitched me for the first time.

My insistence that i breast-feed my daughter went out of window with baby ending in neo-natal because the mid-wife failed to provide the support and guidance she should have (oh! yes the doctors team helping me in birth and mid-wife both apologised for failures later, mid-wife even came to the Simpsons neo-natal unit to offer her apology and I tell you I did not rant, I just cried and said that I wish it would have been a little different)

My badly done stitches were ignored by my mid-wife and GP for long enough that i have to take antibiotics later to prevent complications (and this all when I am telling them that the stitches are not healing as they should)

My little girl developed an aversion for milk in 5th month because of silent reflux (grateful to the GP of my in-laws in Netherlands who helped us out of it, because my GP once again just shunned it as a worry on my part) - Oh! yes I am lot worried when a baby goes without milk for 8 hours and cries every time she sees milk bottle (I only know how I kept my child growing, because I am her mum)

Maybe I have it written over my forehead "Dear NHS You can neglect me and my family"


Old post just seen it but I can agree everyone has different experiences with the nhs as for me am just so thankful my gp is so reliable and when I lost loads of blood due to a miscarriage last year my life was saved quickly I could have easily died if I was in country whereby they had to search for someone who matches with my blood group and ask them to donate.....because I have been around and most countries' healthcare systems are that poor you can't even compare with the nhs and it's free!we pay taxes yes but people in them countries pay taxes too but they have to pay for healthcare !!ii can't thank doctors enough for the emergency c section I had I could only dilate up to 6cm both me and my baby were saved and I received excellent care afterwards I don't remember feeling pain from the wound and it healed really well and everyone was just so nice.all I can say is thank you to the nhs.

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