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Ideas for weaning when out & about?

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My wee man has been getting porridge & veg purée for a couple of weeks now, doing it all home made but struggling if out & about. All the jars & yogurts seem to have high sugar levels etc so I don't really want to give him those. Any ideas?

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how old is he? for lunch I usually make him little sandwiches and get the snacks made by organix they r like carrot sticks but they like melt in the mouth, quite nice actually, or alternatively make ur own purees and just put them in a sealable pot and take tht with u, I used to make my own for dinners as jars and stuff r so expensive on a regular basis but hes had the ellas kitchen pouches few times, but now he eats what we eat, my son has petit filous yoghurts but there are a lot of yoghurt brands out there or take a banana and mush it up, u can do tht whilst out and about?

I used to make purée (veg and fruit) and then put them in these - - and take a couple of spoons with me :-)

I take purees and spoons in tubs and then finger foods as well......always take a long sleeved bib for finger food when out and about......saves the lovely clothes they are wearing!

Thanks ladies, any suggestions on what purée is best eaten cold? He's still struggling with finger foods. Ceribean will keep an eye out for some of those brands aswell. I'm trying to avoid anything too sweet or full of additives x

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My daughter personally loved sweet potato and I'd add fruit to it and she'd still love it. Have you tried rice cakes?x

Yeo valley baby yogs do have no added sugar if you want to have yogurt but don't know what to choose. I buy a mixture of stuff like that. Organix as ceribean says are great finger foods. My son has had to eat lots of things at room temp in the past. Yesterday he ate baby pasta with butternut squash and basil I think it was lol....I lose track..not heated as we were out and he ate it fine

Great, will try afew of those suggestions. Have never tried it at room temp but will give it a go. Thanks for the help ladies x

M sister used to take out a tiny little metal flask (2 cup size) of boiling water and a little pot of puree would fit in the cup. She weaned all of her children in the winter time so they always ate warm food. I think john Lewis do a proper travel flask and pot weaning set if your little one only eats hot.

For convenience i take baby rice and veg with finger food. But i also do homemade pasta dishes. At over 6 months he will be fine with more lumpy and just cut up foods x

You could try the plum or hipp organic sachets. All of the plum ones are sugar and additive free and actually taste nice. They can be eaten at room temp or heated in a jug if water. There's also Ella's kitchen which are also sugar and additive free but they tend to all taste the same as they have started using quinoa a lot.

Sachets are really handy to keep in your bag as an emergency meal!

My LO hates all the HIPP ones I have offered!

Until this morning when gave him a fruit purée and wolfed the lot!! So guess he doesn't like their dinners!

Agreed, Sachets are handy on the go especially if leaving in a hurry and unplanned and you just grab and go. X

I def think the plums ones are the best. Especially handy for holidays incase you don't get time to cook too!

Hi you want to buy a polar gear lunch pod 500ml they are only £5.99 plus £1.00 delivery on the Web(daisy baby website). You can take your little ones homemade food out with you pre warmed and feed him/her on the go... !! I'm the same I don't want all the sugar/corn flour from shop bought food they seem to be full of water too xx

If u worried about the added sugar in yoghurt just buy plain yoghurt n blend with fruit iv tried plum, banana, cooked apple and pear n my lo loves them all iv tried them myslf n there actually quite yummy n when there a bit bigger u can freeze them n for lollys as summer treat :)

I must keep a look out for the plums ones, was going to try the hippo ones but was worried about how high the carbs of which sugars were, although to be honest not 100% sure what that means so will google that aswell x

Plum have got a deal on at Sains :-) x

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