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What's going on with me!?

I had unprotected sex 2 days after my last period then I had unprotected sex while I was ovulating. My period was supposed to hit this month it's a couple days late and it's been over a month since my last period. I have been moody a lot. I cried a couple of times at a track meet for no reason I would just cry. My breast hurt a lot. The outer part of my breast are a lot bigger than usual my nipples are a purple/brown. My stomach feels very bloated and you can tell. I have bad headaches. Now I'm spotting a reddish brown and it's barely anything. I just need to know what's happening and if I should be taking care of myself!?

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It sounds like your pregnant. You have almost every symptom. I suggest you take a pregnancy test and also make an apt to the GYN. If it's positive your already set and ready for the gyn. If it's negative you should still go just to make sure if everything's fine. Good luck. Hope this helped.


I agree with steph_95 you do sound pregnant. Congratulations, hope your pregnancy test results give you the result you want. You should also start taking folic acid and vitamin D tablets if your not already x

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Thanks for sharing :-)


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