Boyfriend and I are trying to conceive. Could I finally be pregnant?

So my boyfriend and I have been trying and it's been kind of hard. We've been trying for 7 months but I have an irregular period. It's really hard trying to keep track. Last period was on March 28th. It is April 29th and still no period but I took a pregnancy test and it came back negative. I still don't have my period. I have an apt with the gyn next week. Should I wait for them or take another test? Also, if I'm not pregnant, could there be something wrong with me?

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You could be pregnant, congratulations if you are, I would probably take another test in a few days time, especially if your periods are a bit erratic. You mentioned in an earlier post that you are quite young and sometimes your menstral cycle can become erratic then settle down again as you get older without there being anything wrong, so I would try not to worry. 7 months trying is not long but perhaps you could try charting your temp and ovulation for a couple of months which would give you a better idea of when in your cycle you ovulate. If your in the UK home bargin sell cheap ovulation kits that have worked well for myself in the past. good luck x

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Thank you so much. This helped a lot


2nd time of asking this question in one day Steph.




Omg. If you don't mind me asking what did he tell you to do? Was it hard? Honey, if it feels right, I suggest you do it. Your still young so you might as well do it and enjoy it.


Hey steph, my periods were also all over the place. There is a fantastic app in app store called 'monthly cycles' the icon should be a flower. I have apple so Im not sure if it is available on android. It is also free! Was great for detailed tracking of my cycle. You can select the icons on how u feel each day of ure period and also how heavy flow etc is. Body temp and weight. Even things like breast tenderness, its detailed is what I am getting at haha.

Worth downloading as it is fully customisable. Hope that helps x


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