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What is normal at 9 months (Sorry TMI in post)

Hi ladies,

So when everything fails me i come to this forum usually to know if I am the only one facing this or if it is normal.

DD is happy and playful as ever (except during the night, when she cries because of dry cough and teething pain and maybe stuffy nose)

She is a formula fed baby and has been taking Aptamil stage 3 since her 6th month (that is also when I completely stopped breastfeeding)

However, lately (since 10 days now) she has been pooping after each feed (milk or solid or whatever). Earlier she would poop only once or twice a day (from 4th month until very recently).

This excessive pooping has started since we came back from India (although she was surprisingly fine while in India, I had a bad stomach but she took the trip pretty well). This is all I have tried so far

1. I considered it diarrhoea (although the poops are not runny, but the spurt and so almost always an accident) and tried treating it with banana and light food and lots of water to drink. Dint work

2. Thought it is a stomach bug, so met the GP and GP said that a bug will hurt her appetite too (but she is eating alright)

The GP also told me to get her off the food and milk for a while (a Day) and just give her dyroldite (electrolyte solution) which she dint appreciated after half day and so I gave her milk and 20 minutes after was a big accident again.

I am wondering if the change of Formula milk for a short while in India might have anything to do with it (as Aptamil was not available there and we were there for a whole month). but than again she was fine in India and the problem started only after we came back home.

the pooping 5-6 times a day has also caused a big diaper rash (for which my GP has prescribed an ointment and that is helping).

also, her poops are generally green with traces of undigested food or milk in it. Could it be that she has suddenly become intolerant to aptamil or to formula ? She is 9 months now.

any thoughts, ideas and suggestions ladies

thanks much ! :)

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also forgot to say that her bum rash goes worse if her poopy diaper is not changed immediately (like even if i leave it unchanged for 15 minutes as if she is pooping acid or something)


The thing that stands out to me is India. I have a sister who lives in Indonesia who has had stomach issues including at one point a parasite. I'd go back to the gp maybe with a poo sample or ask if they can test a sample to rule out bacteria infections or parasites etc. Please understand that I'm no Dr and I don't want to worry you, I may b way off the mark but if they can test a sample hopefully they can rule out most things. Xxx

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Yeah I would go back to g.p and ask for a sample of poo to be sent off that's excessive pooping for her and if it's changed then best to get it checked try and see a different g.p at ur surgery if u can... hope u get to the bottom of it (no pun intended) let us know how u get on x ps....Have u used metanium it's the yellow tube gives a good dry coating over the bottom for not better protection then sudocream x

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How long ago did you have the bug, was it at the start or end of the trip?

Although not impossible, I think it's highly unlikely she's suddenly developed an intolerance to her formula. Echoing what the other ladies have said, get another appointment with the GP. If the food isn't digested fully, it sounds like it's a bug. The rash could be a reaction to poorly digested food (stomach acid? I'm not a biologist, so don't take that as truth). It's good that the GP has given her electrolyte medicine. Bananas and apricots are also excellent for potassium. Hope she's ok! X


My 8 month old is exactly the same- pooing constantly & with her bum even though I use bepanthan at every change ! Been using 100g a week on her & 60 nappies in a few days ! She also went off her food for 2 whole weeks and wouldn't touch anything other than milk (when I normally struggle to get 2 bottles down her ) she was also bringing Some of her bottles back up ! She's improved now but still up & down for about 6 weeks now ! I took her to docs & they did a poo sample but it come back clear ! I can only put it down 2 teething ... My son was never like this when he was teething they r all different !

C if u can get doc 2 do a test on poo sample 2 rule out any bugs & put ur mind at rest .


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