Negative pregnancy tests and negative blood test!!! 10 days late

hey everyone! im knew to this site but wanted to see if anyone else has had a similar situation! me and my hubby have been trying to concieve for 2 months. my last period was 3/18/2014 and i was supposed to start on 4/19/2014. the tuesday prior to the 19th i had very light pink discharge and then on the 19th i had brownish pink spotting that lasted about 30 minutes and that was it. i have had cramps on and off but now they have completely stopped. i took a few hpts and they all came back negative. i went on sunday 4/27/14 and had a blood test done and it showed negative. my period has NEVER been this late. EVER. the only time i have ever not had a period was when i was pregnant the first time and last yr i was on a shot for endometriosis and it caused me to miss my period. but other than that AF visits every month. I know that for some ppl it takes a while to show up on a test and idk if im one of those ppl or not. with my first pregnancy i didnt get a positive on a hpt until i was about 5 1/2 weeks but i never had a blood test done so im like whats going on. the dr i saw sunday to do the blood test said it may be due to the endometriosis and i no its not from stress bc ive been really stressed before and still got it so idk what is going on. anyone had this happen to them but been pregnanct?

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I'm going thou a similar thing they are now sending me for a scan as both are mine are negative blood and urine and aunt flo hasn't visited for about 2month so they think I have something call PCOS which is polycystic ovary syndrome but it happen in one in 5 women so don't stop bugging Ur doctors till u gat an anwser


thanks for the reply! yea last october i was diagnosed with endometriosis and everything has been going good with it. my period is never this late and even if it is a couple days late it always comes on full force but htis month it lasted about 30 minutes which is totally not normal for me. and i know stress plays a factor but i havent been stressed out atleast not enough to completely miss my period lol


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