So. My boyfriend and I are young but we are trying to have a baby. (Not saying our age. Don't need judgmental people)

We've been having unprotected sex for about 7 months now. Every pregnancy test I've taken has said "negative". Were really trying up to the point where we're using Preseed. It is May 29th and my last period was on March 28th. We've had sex a couple times this month. I've had cramps, feeling dizzy from time to time, and eating more. I've taken a pregnancy test and it said negative. I've never had these feelings. Could I finally be pregnant or is it all in head? Help. Pleaseee!

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Its not may its April so you aren't vary late . wait few more days and test. The only sure fire way of knowing is too take a test after missing your period. We can't diagnose you or anyone else in this situation.

I think you could be, but its not may

Yeah I meant to put April. But thank you. I really hope I am.

I would wait til the weekend and do another test. It's hard to wait but I have just had a miscarriage. If I'd waited I would just have assumed I was having a late heavy period and saved myself a lot of heart ache.

That's my biggest fear in life. I hope your doing okay and keep trying. Thank you and good luck

Don't be bothered about judgemental people thats the first thing I got pregnant at 19 and if its coming back negative go to the doctors and tell them cus i had this with my son and i was pregnant i took a negative on my period due date and 3 positives 3days after

Thank you so much. Will do

You need to test again, in a few days. Do it first this in the morning, and you'll get the strongest result. Getting pregnant takes on average about a year, but that takes it to account all ages and various previous methods of contraception (the pill can really mess up your cycle and it can take a while to get back in sync). So don't be too disheartened. It took me just over a year, and I charted/checked mucus/used ovulated kits towards the end (took me 3 months after that).

Light cramps are common early on as the uterus starts stretching to make room for baby, as is

very occassional dizziness. Eating more starts about half way through (trust me I can eat like a horse at the moment) when baby starts is much bigger and has a growth spurt.

Preseed is a US product are you based in the UK? If so, I'd recommend talking to your GP about how to maximise your chances :)

Good luck :)

Folic acid will maximise chances thats what doctors will say

Thank you so much and yes I know I'm in the US

Ok :) Most of us are UK based so the advice we offer refers to our healthcare system. You guys have private healthcare, and I'm guessing things would run differently from here. But that would be further down the line, I think visiting your healthcare provider would be the same first step. In the UK, we can get referred to hospital for fertility testing after 1 year of trying, but again, that could be different for you-it might be earlier/later.

I need to move the UK

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