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my baby brings up milk and clear fluid, don't know what to do

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Hi ladies, my daughter is 3mnts 2w. shes on Aptamil1,150ml every 3-4h but she brings up a lot of her milk, sometimes its projectile. she also brings up clear fluid like water and she always smell of vomit. GP gave us to use gaviskon for babies but very little has changed. apart that she does not bring up cottage cheese type stuff. it is still concerning me. she sometimes screams and arches back, vomits up ether milk or clear fluid, then she falls asleep in my arms with her tummy to my tummy position. I put her in the crib she starts screaming again. please help. my GP not very good, he only listens or give something if my Health visitor says something.

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Have u tried comfort milk she could have a bit of colic maybe and comfort milk will help with that x

Poor little thing! It sounds like colic, from what I've read from some of the other ladies on here. Unfortunately I don't think there's a 'cure' without trial and error - I've know some people have used infacol (I think?), colief and gripe water. Leg exercises also help to bring the wind up, so to speak (lying baby on her back and making circling motions with her legs)

I'm not sure how much this helps, as I'm only going by what I've read - try searching this forum for the 'colic' tag, too? X

Hi, sorry to hear about you LO. Do you burp her well and keep her upright for a while after feeding to help the milk go down? I find it's good to take a few breaks during feeding to give the milk time to go down and settle - if you try and burp her during feeding it will get rid of the air pockets which will help. I find dentinox colic drops help with my LO I add it to her milk its great :)

It sounds more like reflux to me. If baby is happy and gaining weight, reflux isn't anything to worry about. However, if baby isn't gaining weight or is not content, there are various other ways to try and help the baby. Doctors can prescribe a range of medicines such as ranitidine. gaviscon isn't always very effective and can cause constipation. There are also anti reflux formulas. If your baby is distressed, try talking to your GP again.

One of my friends had this problem with that milk she has now changed it to cow and gate comfort and lo is better he still is sick after a feed but its only a tiny amount

My lo breastfed but he has gaviscon to and ranitidine ask the doctor for ranitidine really helped my boy he use to bring up whole feeds but hasnt really since being on it xx hope lo gets better

I had this problem with my LO and changed him to cow and gate comfort it was best thing I did

My little one was like that iv got her on aptimal comfort and I give her dentinox drops(about £3 from supermarket can buy them off the shelf on baby isle) twice a day in her bottle (max u can give is 6 times a day). This has worked. Hope u find something thats helps xx

thanks ladies, she is on dentinox and gaviscon and i do burp her couple time during the feed, nursery nurse that looks after my older child for his behavior noticed that she drools a lot when sitting up, she said that my LO might be swallowing lots of her saliva when lying down and then bring it it up, but i will be going to see GP about it

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