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Sleeping babies at 9 months old


Hi all, hope you can help. My daughter used to be a wonderful sleeper, I was able to put her down in her cot and she would fall asleep. She has now reached 9 months and is fighting her sleep, both nap times and bed times. Her teeth have come through and I have returned to work so she has had some changes happening in her life. I just wondered if anyone can suggest any help for getting my little one to get to sleep! Many thanks!

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I came to the forum today, looking for the advise on same :(

DD has been sleeping through since 5 and half month (12 hrs ! wow) but suddenly the teething is popping through (the first one came at 8th month, has not fully popped out yet and second one is showing now - so its taking a while)

and she is such a mess during the night - is doing all sorts of yoga with head down bum up, wants to climb on our faces and actually slept with my hair in her hands like a monkey on my head yesterday night ! and the night before she was sitting and sleeping !!

Feeling so exhausted (and I was thinking its time to get back to work!)

If these babies have been sleeping then you been lucky :-)

My LO 7.5 months and not slept through since 4 months. Am lucky if he will go 3 hours straight at the moment and constantly rousing as he goes through sleep cycles, which in turn rouses me even if I don't get up to him.

I am shattered most of time and being this tired has convinced me to take my full maternity leave.

I have tried pain relief for bad teething days but makes no difference really to his waking, am sure he's more comfortable but his internal bodyclock controls him.

If you find any ingenious cures for sleepless nights please do let me know. I am finding this harder I think now then as a newborn.

Good luck from this Zombie mother xx

Hi girls, unfortunately there is no magical cure for sleepless babies. It is an awkward stage for your LOs at the moment as they are in alot of pain and discomfort with the teething process. So anything such as trying these sleep rituals simply wont work because baby is in a lot of pain.

I know people try gel,dummies,cool rings and their LO is contented with that. Although, a lot of babies just cannot settle.

For some unknown reason, why is it that they are fine during the day and decide to be in pain screaming all night or every couple of hours! Its a mystery!

My first daughter never slept through the night from the get go. So from a young age I did controlled crying with her to get her sleeping through the night, since 8 weeks old she slept for 8 hours a night until she was 18weeks and put onto solids she started gradually sleeping towards 12 hours a night on her own.

I never had any issues with her waking through the night (i think that this was purely due to using CC to get her sleeping in first place that she "trained" herself to just sleep). She very well could have just been one of those babies where teething did not bother her.

Sorry this was not of any help. xx

In response to the pain at bedtime and overnight I apply empathy here. If you think about say period cramps, when your busy and active it to some extent disappears as you are distracted but sit down to rest and you know about it. I think with babies same rules, busy busy all day and then the evening, less distractions more pain. My LO has a cold now too so given a little paracetamol to help him rest tonight. Xx

Its such a poor wee shame for them. Yes that makes perfect sense. Our minds are distracted throughout the day so we take no notice of it.

Oh i gotcha there with the cold. My girl has lay on couch all day today cuddling in (which is a nice change) but also a bit heart breaking at the same time. So used to her causing chaos it is strange to see her more or less motionless! She was awake for a total of 6 hours today which is highly unusual.

I feel for all u mommas out there with the sleepless night and only hope LOs settle soon xxx

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