6 weeks preg symptoms stopped I hVe had brown spotting for 3 days scan was only a 5 week sack my cb test said 3+ two days ago now 2-3 now

Well I think I may be going slightly insane. I'm 6 weeks pregnant after 9 mc I'm cracking up we went for our early scan and only saw a 5 week sack the aonographer said at 5.6 it was too early to see anything else.. My symptoms all stopped last week as well and I have been having brown discharge for 3 days now as well. I tested in a CB and got 3+ weeks two days ago but this morning I got 2-3 so I'm convinced it's all over my husband says I should be positive as I havnt had a heavy bleed and hang in there by I really can't find any positivity at all. Anyone had a similar experience.

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Hi Lucyno10

I don't have a similar experience, but I think you still have every reason to stay positive. Your sonographer is correct at 5 weeks you won't see a baby, if you're lucky at 6 weeks you can see a teeny tiny blip (it's less than the size of a grain of rice). I speak from experience there :) Brown discharge can be caused by loads of things other than mc, you might have a low lying placenta, or left over blood from implantation bleeding that's only just made it's way out, you can also have slight bleeds around the uterus that won't harm the baby, sometimes making love can cause a slight bleed (but I'm guessing you've been told to avoid that for the 1st trimester, as a precaution).

As regards the test, sometimes your urine gets diluted and you get a weaker result. I know you tested in the morning, but did you drink a lot of fluids the night before or just before so that you had enough pee to test?

Have they scheduled you for a scan at 6 weeks? If not, insist you have one. Even at that early stage, you can see a heartbeat if they see a baby.

I'm wishing you all the best :)


I totally know what you are going through. Please stop driving yourself potty taking test after test, I must have spent £50 on cb tests. When I was pregnant with my first baby I had brown blood discharge (I thought it was a period). It lasted for about 4 days. They say that brown is old blood not fresh. I went to EPU for a scan and I measured at 6 weeks he is now 5. Just take it easy and sit tight for your next scan. It wont do you or your baby any good to be worrying.


I had brown discharge and all was fine, it's when it goes red that is the time to think. I bled at 9 weeks (red) and had an emergency scan, all was well and now I have a 4 week old that won't let me sleep xD

If you are worried, call your early pregnancy unit at the hospital and ask for a scan. Considering your circumstances they should let you have one.


Hi Lucyno 10. I feel your panic. I did a test yesterday which confirmed pregnancy 1-2 and my boobs were tender. I went on physical course yesterday, had a sharp pain for several mins and my symptoms have suddenly stopped. No discharge, but all you can do is wait. Hubby says stay positive as it could be implantation, but I fear the worst, I'm gutted. For you though have some peace that you have seen a sack and all appeared to be ok. Try to relax and go for a 6 week scan - sure you will be fine. Let us know how you get on x


i had 3 bleeds in total during the 1st 12 weeks. the first was esp horrible and i was hysterical. as it is still early, a scan may not show anything, my clinic did bHCG blood tests at 2 days apart to lookat the pregnancy hormone levels and to check they are rising. good luck x

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