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Does this sound like pregnancy or something else?

Im 18 i had unprotected sex on april 15th the day after i was having this dark brown spotting. Wich is not normal for me. And i knew it was my period cause i had just got off my period 4 days before. Well 5 days after sex i started feeling really wierd. I was more tired. I was having slight stomach cramps. Slight lower back pain. Headaches. So i just ignored it. Well its been almost 2 weeks now since sex and everything is gettin worse. My stomach cramps and worse. My back pain is worse. My boobs are swollen there jot sore but my nipples ate alittle darker. I can see viens. I have some white and clear discharge. My stomach is really bloated. I cant even sleep on it. I have constipation and then when i do go its diharhea. I have headaches all day. Dizziness. Some nausea in the morning but i never throw up. My bones ache more. I know a bunch of people say that you can fool yourself into thinkin that your pregnant and you have all the symptoms but im stull young and know i dont need a baby right now ive always wanted one but not bad enough to fool myself. I took a test yesterday and it came up negative wich i figure if i were it would be too early cause my next period isnt due for another week. Just wantin to see if yall think its a possibility i could be pregnant?

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Symptoms sound like you might be... Try a good quality early response test like the clearblue digital one. Hope it's the result you want! Xx


If you are not wanting a baby then stop having unprotected sex. It is to early to test, if you get a clear blue one they say that they can detect the pregnancy hormone up to 4 days before your period is due.


Don't be stupid you don't get all those symptoms of pregnancy 2 weeks after sex, hope your not pregnant


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