Could i be please help. Points to people who answer

So far noone has said any help or stories im lost.

So ive calculated my dates

My period was due on the 19th of this month is is now six days late. But on exactly the 19th i had spotting brownish to red only when i whipped.

I would be around 3 weeks right? If last period was around the 19th aswell. Is that to early for a test at home? And i had a blood test a week after my fertile days (yes ive had sex almost eveyday no condom from one week before the blood test) and that was negative now i have all signs i have read. Please help any advice or stories. I took a test this morning and it was negative my period would be a week late tomorrow

What do you think ?

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If your a week late and have had a negative test, then chances are your not pregnant. If your period doesn't arrive by Monday test again as it can sometimes take a while to show up. You may just e having a 'weird' period, I was 2 weeks late on my period once even though I was regular and came on the day every month. Hope this helps x

*came on the same day every month

If u are pregnant then u would be 6 weeks u calculate from first day of ur last period. .. so the day u miss ure period ur already 4 weeks. ..I would wait a few more days test again if not then go and see ur g.p x

well, when I was testing every day from the day when I missed my period the first VERY FAINT line showed up on the 8th day! So don't worry! Keep testing. use the "first response" test, they will show if you are pregnant or not quicker then clearblue. I didn't have any signs of pregnancy until 5th week, just cramps, like during the period, but every pregnancy is different :) Good luck xx

Hi brittttttany

I'm sorry you feel you haven't had any help or stories, but there have been many responses to your "brown spotting" thread 4 days ago. I was going to reply to you again, but you said your period had arrived and I didn't check after that :) I see that it might have been a false alarm though.

To clarify, the blood test you took a week after your fertile days was too early. Also the earliest you can test at home is two days before a missed period, and only with tests that say you can on the box. If you're 6 days late, then testing first thing in the morning should get you a good, strong result. Leave the test for the amount of time it says on the instructions, and don't move it before. You had a test that appeared positive at first (I noticed from another of your threads) because the dye passes from the result window (on the left) to the control window (on the right), if you move the test or it is leaning at an angle gravity causes some dye to leak back to the left creating an unclear result, streaks or a false positive.

The upshot is the same answers you got from your "brown spotting" thread really, I'm afraid. If you've had a negative test at point of missed period, it is unlikely you are pregnant. However, you can test again tomorrow to be sure. If you still aren't sure, you can visit your GP again for another blood test.

Wishing you good luck :)

Hey sorry i copied and pasted from another forum im on. Im anxious is all and impatient thabks for the help

Have made an appointment its just weird since its the first time me and my partner decided to actually go for a baby and all this weird stuff is happning. And i just would love to now when i could be ovulating again do i class the spotting as a period

What exactly do you expect to be told? Unfortunately No one here can tell you for sure what is going on and I think you're being slightly unfair to all the ladies who have previously posted replies to you. If you are so anxious you could always pop to your GP or try testing again.

I just exsplained it was a copy and past im greatful for all the help i have got so far i guess im jhst to impatient about this its the first time we have actually tried and all this stuff is happening thats why im so confused

Have seen my doctor exsplained and he thinks i could be infact pregnant. No hopes up until blood test comes back tuesday.

Hope you get the result

You want Brittany,

Everything crossed for you xx

I bent my fiances toes trying to cross them thank you will be back tuesday to let you or know.

Got positive today blood test tomorrow

Woohoo congrats x

Wow! Congratulations!! :)))) Take care x

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