Periods after having a baby

Are periods after having a baby often irregular to start with? Had my first period after having Amelia in March, and if I go off the length of my cycle before getting pregnant I'm 6 days late. Have to admit I'm fretting a little as we had a little slip up a few weeks back & I took the morning after pill pretty sharpish (felt like such an idiot). I haven't had any pregnancy related symptoms, although I have had some mild cramping- but still no period. A test 2days ago came up negative.

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They can be can take a while to settle down I'm fully breastfeeding but have had a period. ...I did when I breastfed before. ..gutted! The morning after pill can muck ur cycle up by either coming on early or late x

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Aghhh no! We can't win can we. hate getting them but panic when it doesn't arrive lol thanks for your reply, it's really put my mind at rest. I thought it might be the case but doesn't stop you from worrying about it does it xx


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