Membrane sweep how much does it hurt?

My consultant wants to give me a sweep next week prior to being induced the week after. I've had 4 babies but never been given a sweep before. Does it really hurt? Or just uncomfortable? My cervix is very posterior and previously it's been difficult to get to in past pregnancies/labours. So I'm expecting some discomfort anyway. Is it painful for everyone or does it vary? How effective is it? I've responded very well to both the gel and the drip in previous labours. With one dose of gel I went into labour 4/5 hrs later and with the drip it took effect immediately.

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  • Sweeps aren't too bad, just uncomfortable and generally ugh but worth a try. I had two last time and I had a few false lab our symptoms then nothing but have heard of times when women went into lab our after. As with everything with pregnancy, everyone is different. Good luck

  • So would you say it's similar to having an internal during labour?

  • Hi yeah its pretty similar being relaxed Def helps if they can't reach ur cervix they won't push it but if they can they will give it a go. ...I had 5 sweeps but he didn't want to come and he is my 5th baby. .. But as soon as broke my waters on induction day he was out in 3 hours. .. u don't have to have the drip straight away u can ask to be left for a few hours to see if it kicks off after ur waters have been broken if the sweep doesn't work. .. All the best xx

  • I just had a sweep on Tuesday and although the sweep itself was only a mild discomfort the pain after was very strong for two days and still no Labour! Im a bit gutted to say the least xx

  • I had a sweep with my little boy, it wasn't bad at all, in fact after it didn't work I went back to ask them to try again. Lol. Obviously they wouldn't but I was desperate to get him out. :-). You will be fine. Good luck. X

  • No they dont hurt i was so worried i had one on my due date and was booked for one a week after little man came the day before i was due the 2nd one :) just try to relax u will be fine xx

  • I have read the above replies and I can't agree nor disagree. I had 1 sweep as I hit 40 weeks and I found it uncomfortable to say the least and the midwife said...That was a good stretch and sweep. A little blood spotting and like a period cramp that night but it didn't work for me been with some nooky to bring on the labour. I was booked for another 3 days later but due to some complications I stayed in and was induced.

    I think with all these things it's down to the individual parties on the day and your own pain tolerance.

    There was a women in the next cubicle to me when I went for assessment for a 2nd sweep and she was making a lot of noise, MW whispered to me...she only having a vaginal exam...I thought to myself...oh my how is she going to cope with labour, not that I knew what I was in! ;-)

    I hope you get to meet your little one soon. :-) X

  • I guess the experience is different depending on your midwife, doctor and where your baby and cervix are at. I just had a sweep today and it was not painful, uncomfortable like a vaginal exam, but not painful. But I'm 2cm dilated so that might have helped?

    Good luck x

  • Just thought I'd share this with you. Had a sweep today and it wasn't painful at all. A little bit uncomfortable but no more than having a smear. In fact I'd say a smear was worse. Had a bloody show straight away. Felt uncomfortable for an hour or so after but now 4 hours on and back to normal. Hoping I go into labour before Monday when I'm going to be induced.

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