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4 and half still has colic

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Hi ladies! My LO is 4and half months, formular fed, and he still suffer from colic and trapped wind! I've tried evrything that I ever had of nothing works, tried colix, colic drops, reuterina drops, frebiflora, gripe water, old school dutch medicine, and now I'm frustrated and confuse! I even give him soy milk (isomil) He wakes up each and every hour at night, he sleeps around 8pm from there wakes up every hour with stomach problem and I can't sleep so he sleeps in my chest till morning and I'm always tired my back is paining as I write, please ladies anybody help

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I found dentinox colic drops helped with my little one and are you frequently burping little one? I find even if she doesnt burp straight after a feed I continue to try and burp her every so often and she always burps eventually which helps to stop the struggling later on xx

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I try to burp him bt now he takes long to burp, bt I will try dentinox never tried it, I hope it will help coz now he's suppose to be over the colic stage, thanks girl

Hi i had the same problem with my little boy he had reflux too just a mouthful of sick every 20mins i was in and out doctors, hospital, health visitors and told it was this and that etc then when he was 7 and half month eventually got sent to a consultant at hospital and he was diagnosed with cows milk protein allergy and soya allergy. Get onto your health visitor/doctor don't give up it might well be something more than colic which nobody knew with my little boy felt like i was failing when after everything it was nothing i was doing wrong x hope you get sorted soon

Hi iwandle,

Its possible that you've just been very unfortunate to have a baby with a sensitive stomach, but there's something called Colief infant drops which are sold in just a few pharmacies as their quite pricey.

Depending on your living status you can also get these Colief infant drops by a prescription from your G.P so it may be worth booking an appointment to go &see him or her as soon as possible.


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Went an bought colief yesterday, he was worse than before he screamed and I think there's something wrong with his system that makes him reject every medication, maybe its demons! Can a little be possesed? I'm just wondering now that, I'm trying so hard and nothing seem to help or maybe its even more

I found the only think that helped my little boy was seeing a cranial osteopath turns out he had some tension in his body most likely due to his speedy delivery but apparently can happen for any number of reasons linked to different things that happen during birth - speed, positioning, delivery method etc. It took 4 visits to sort him out fully but we saw improvement after just one. May be worth looking at. xx

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Thanks a lot sista! I had him on a c-section bt its worth trying everything at this stage coz I'm so confused and feel sorry for the little man as he battles avery day, I'll make a booking today

hi x x if it were me i would check with the dr it isnt reflux... my lo had terrible wind. we would spend four hours a night trying to get him to stop screaming then he started to get worse when i started him on solids as i was feeding him strawberries!!! he is now on gaviscon and he still has some issues with the wind but he is soooo much better and happier. it might be an idea for you hun x x

Have you tried cranial therapy. Friend of mine did it for her baby and after a few sessions baby was much more settled and cried a lot less xxx

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No, I haven't tried cranial therapy never had of it bt I'll speak to my paeditrician and ask about it, thanks hun

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Is there a gaviscon for kids I only know of the adult one? It would be worth trying it out as I do have it in my house the one that I used while pregnant!

Sounds like he might be intolerant to cows milk. Lots of babies guts struggle to digest cows milk and it might be that that is causing him the discomfort and not colic. I would talk to your HV or make an appointment with your GP. Hope you get it sorted x

It's annoying when everything you try has no effect! The osteopath sounds like a good option I've had 4 midwives and a Dr recommend them for severe colicky behaviour (luckily a change to Hipps solved most of my LO's windy screaming!) Hope you get a resolution soon :)x

don't use adult gaviscon! it definatly sounds like my LO's symptoms it's worth checking out the cow's milk allergy side of things x

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