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My period is 6 days late, I have taken 4 pregnancy tests every other day and they have all been negative.Is it possibly still to early?

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My periods have always been regular. I am experiencing symptoms such as nausea, frequent urination, heightened smell, cramping sore breast and tiredness. Have not had any blood present in my urine. Is it possible to still be too early to detect hcg?

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Have you been testing first thing in morn? ? Thats most concentrated urine or you could go gp and get a blood test xx

I've been testing at different times of day. I'm going to wait until Friday and if I still don't get it then I'm going to take another test in the morning. If it's still negative then, then I will call the doctor. Thank you!

It is possible!! Try in few days again, I did my tests almost every day after missing period and it was positive on the 9th day! The second line on the test was still very faint. So there is possibility of pregnancy in your case :)

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Thank you I'll be testing again on Friday and if I still don't get a positive test I'll be going to the doctors to see what could be going on. Thank you:)

Hi, What pregancy tests are you using? Also it also depends on when implantation started. Some women don't implant until nearer the time when your period is due and it take time for pregnancy hormone to double and double again so it shows up on pregnancy tests. i have been using first response and have positives with those but im nearly 5 weeks and only get very very faint lines with any others. baby dust x

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I've taken 4 clear blue leading up to last night and one first response around 9pm last night. The first response was negative too.

Hi! I'm new to all of this. I was due on Sunday. Took a test on Monday and showed a very faint positive! I'm a bit worried though as still having very light cramps. Also tired/veeeery nauseous/headaches! I have been told it's normal to experience cramping early on but i've never been pregnant before so it's all new and very worrying! Eep

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So cramping throughout pregnancy is normal. Especially with your first. As the baby grows, your long ligaments with stretch and it feels like cramping. Don't worry about it so much unless it is severe or you have bleeding with it

hi i took 6 test within the first 3 weeks of missing my period and each one was either negative or a really faint line too. i felt really disheartened and just gave up for a week. then i missed my next period and im now 33wks into my pregnancy and waiting for the arrival of my 3rd child so i would say keep trying, try not to stress about it and let nature take its course.




Hi everyone Iam new here Iam 6 days late taken 5 test and all negative my boobs are sore, Im peeing alot ,Im feeling nauseous ,and tired but with all these negative test Im feeling heart broken ....What do I do from here ?? 😙 any advise thank you

I am 6 days late too got sore breast and weeing a lot I haven’t got a period yet

What brand are you using? I bought some cheap ebay pregnancy strips & they were all saying negative. I even missed my period and still was negative. Until the 4th day i bought clear blue and it was a bfp!!. & got it confirmed by my Dr. i would say wait & try a different brand.

I am in the same boat - 5 days late but all tests are negative. Unsure whether to think I am pregnant at this point but all these signs are making me even more wary to the fact I’m pregnant.

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Hello, Im new here. Noticed you commented just a few days ago. Update? Have you gotten your period or a positive preg test?

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