Is the implant reliable?

Hi guys, I'm on the implant, have been for 4 months now. It's been a crazy ride as I started out with a almost 6 week period. They are erratic and now last up to 2-3 weeks sometimes (killer for my vajay jay & sexy time) however...

As a migraine sufferer I can't use the combined pill- I've tried all pops and reacted badly. One I felt was turning me into a man (acne,hair growth, breasts shrunk)

This implant yes has given me spots and a lot of weight gain. I don't mind the weight it's great not to worry about looking too skinny anymore but my belly and arms are kinda becoming out of proportion lol. My main question is- have any of you become pregnant ON this implant? How effective is it?

Secondly I would like to conceive in the future- has it caused anyone issues if so how long were u on the implant?

Has any one experienced these crazy periods? This month was the first time it wasn't dark dark almost black brown and not a flow - this time I had that for a week then a 'need to change pads a lot flow'

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It's definitely fair to say we ( as women) are different in our own ways & can therefore deal differently with things that can stimulate our hormones, but I had the contraception implant fitted in my arm in 2008 shortly after giving birth to my 1st child.

Just like you mentioned I seemed to constantly bleed from anything between 2 to 3 weeks in a row with sometimes 1 or 2 days rest bite in between.

This irregular stage seem to last about 4 months in total & I was seriously starting to consider taking it out by this time but after those 1st few months of insertion my menstual bleeding stopped completely - " which was great for saving a few £££'s on pads & tampons but I was also gaining a few pounds of weight around my stomach, thighs & bum area.

I definitely wasn't pregnant though as I took about 3 pregnancy tests & my G.P did mention at the time of fitting that weight gain was a common side effect of having the implanon.

As you may know now the implant is valid for 4 years so I removed mine in 2012 & within roughly 4 weeks of removing it my periods returned back to their usual self.

I now have had my 2nd child 5 months ago now, so it seems to not have affected my fertility in any way at all.



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