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I am 6 weeks pregnant i have a lot of cramping going on is that normal


it some times only last a few but today its been there all day in my lower tummy and lower back last year when i had a miscarriage at 7 weeks i had no cramping but i am worried that the cramping going on is a miscarriage

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Hi, congratulations! Cramping and period type pain is very nice normal in early pregnancy unless it becomes very painful or/and bleeding. Its a very anxious time until the 12weeks scan even more so when you have been through a mc. Really hope everything works out for you and congratulations again :D xx

Thanks that makes me more happy Thank you so much this helped me

:-) no probs this is a great forum if you ever have any worries or niggles, there's always someone who will have gone through the same xx

i Google it and this site came up so i join it seems like a nice site thanks for all the help you all have gave me Hugs

Hi kat! Congratulations!

I'm also 6 weeks pregnant, I have cramping everyday. I know it's worrying but it's totally normal!

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Thanks and congrats's hope all goes well for you when is your dew date my dew date so far is showing Dec 11th but i wont know the real one tell i go see doc on may6th

Hi, I am 6 and a half weeks and have had cramping throughout. My mum says she was the same so I'm not too worried. Dr says not to worry unless bleeding. My due date is dec 10th. Fingers crossed for both of us :)

Thanks this has helped me i have had a good day not worrying today i will keep my Fingers crossed for both of us too :) Congrats i am wishing for a Boy i have two girls now they are 16 and 18 i know it is kinda silly to be having one this far a part but i am with someone new and he and i want one together the kids are happy for me they want a baby brother they have two brothers with there dad but they dont get to see them it makes them sad

This is my first and I am 36. I have wanted a baby for years but my ex partner wouldn't consider it. When I left him I had two goes at IUI and both failed. I also found out I had low ovarian reserve - ie I had low fertility. I met a new man and two months later got pregnant naturally. Given the fact I thought it would never happen for me I am sooooooo happy and sooooo desperate not to miscarry. It's such an anxious time isn't it x

Congrats it has been 16 years for me i tried to have one for 16 years last year it happen then i had a MC now this year i am having one just so worried about MC it scares me

PS - I don't mind if I have a boy or a girl but I just feel that it's a boy - I don't know why :)

when i was pg with my first i was thinking it was a boy but turned out she was a girl ever time i had a scann would not let me see what i was having so i did not know and my 2 one i did not want to know tell she was born but this one i want to know i think maybe not i want a boy

Wow 16 years is a very long wait. Congrats to you too - finally. It is so hard waiting to get past these first 12 / 13 weeks. It's all I can think about. I really hope we are both ok x

me to i will keep you in prayer hugs you can add me to facebook if you have one if you like facebook.com/love32love

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