Period or implantation bleeding?

It's been about 3 weeks since the unprotected sex and it's been crazy and stressful.

For the past two weeks I've been having:

-mild cramps (which has never happened tis early before expected period)

-white to clear discharge (back and forth this two weeks)

-feeling so nauseous

Then this week:

-Tuesday ( about 5 days ago), I had the clear/white discharge in the morning then it turn pink with mild cramps then to brown with specks of blood then to bright red blood (small amount) all in one day.

-Wednesday: severe cramps, nauseous feeling, and a somewhat heavy flow with tons of clots and thick long stretchy blobs

-Thursday: bright blood. Bleeding went down a lot with mild cramps and some clots and less long stretchy blobs.

Took a pregnancy test this day and it came out negative.

-Friday: even lighter bleeding fewer mild cramps and clots. Still fairly bright.

-Saturday: almost nothing. Blood is a light brown. No cramps.

This isn't really all too normal..some things make sense except the:

-nauseous feeling

-thick blobs

-more clots than usual

-light flow

-short time of bleeding

-mild cramping through out.

This is around the time I would start. I don't know if I'm just paranoid of being pregnant and this is just my period just slightly different or if I am and this is implantation bleeding.

I need advise before I can see a doctor.

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I would doubt implantation bleeding would be so heavy, never bled with any of my 3 pregnancies. My suspicion would be an early miscarriage but it's only a guess, your hormone levels would not necessarily be high enough to be detected by a test if that was the case. Or possibly just an unusual period, you could try testing again in a week if you're still concerned.


Unfortunately, nobody here can give you a proper diagnosis and the best we can do is speculate. You really should do a pregnancy test and/or see your GP.

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when i got pregnant my last period was kinda like that the next moth i took a test and i was pregnant but i would talk to a dr about this if its not normal for you


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