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My implant has 'expired' could I be pregnant?

My implant was supose to be changed at the beginning of march. I am on the drs waiting list to have it removed

As my partner and I would like to have a baby. For the past week I have had tender boobs and cramp like pains..(like in my first pregnancy) and also excess discharge. My period is not due until next week. Am I pregnant? And is it to early to do a test?

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I would guess unlikely as the expiry should have a bit of leeway built in to stop the manufacturers getting sued. Worth getting a stock of tests just in case though as it's best to be sure. And sounds like you will be needing them - good luck! Xxx


You never know stranger things have happened! Could take a test wouldn't hurt. .. Just ur pocket.... As lou said stock up...First response do a multi pack of tests on line for a really good price think it's about £10 for 6! If I remember rightly! All the best x


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