Is it normal for a baby to go from guzzling 6oz, to now fighting to have 3oz?

My son was born big (9lb 15oz, and he's my first! ). We had latching issues with him in the beginning, then all started to settle. Last week he was chugging so much that I had to substitute half feeds with formula because my flow wasn't enough to satisfy, and now he barely drinks and it ia a fight to get him to suckle. He's three weeks today.

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Was he chugging because ur milk was flowing too fast? If u have been giving formula then u will prob will be producing less milk. ... ur milk takes a while to balance out usually about six weeks. .. What is he doing? Sometimes my lo fights like he is annoyed but sometimes it's wind and I sit him up and he burps then I latch him back on x

Due to latching issues, I have been expressing every two hours and bottle feeding him the milk, getting around 4-6oz each time (even my midwife was surprised that my flow was like that). The bottles I use have the slowest flow I can find.

As for the feeds, he will suckle for a few moments and then scream, and I will wind him every few minutes and get him to burp, but he still fights afterwads :(

He was probably feeding contanstly to prepare himself for a growth spurt and also as said above ur milk wudnt of been established till about 6 weeks so they need to feed lots to get it to the amount they require. Formula and bottles in first few weeks will affect ur supply. . I wud just let him suckle on u and kerp trying to get ur supply bk. At 3 weeks their tummies are very small and u dont kno how much he was getting so ur supply was probably enough.

I express my milk, due to him not latching to breast or nipple shields, haven't stopped even when giving him formula so my supply is still there, even if I don't get out as much as he would. I didn't want to give up on giving him breast milk when he didn't latch so I thought that was the least I could do. That's how I know how much he drinks. But the growth spurt sounds plausible, because he does feel heavier and now cannot fit into stuff he wore last week, which I hadn't noticed until they came out of the wash.

There are quite a few growth spurts in first 6 months and these babies r clever they kno so they feed and feed to prepare for when they will b more hungry. . X

Thanks for letting me know, I feel so clueless most of the time xP

Yeah and he is a big baby. ... If ur finding it ok to express and Feed baby that way then I'd continue to do that 3-6 oz is good. .. and he may need more due to being a bigger baby or fed more often. Esp when having a growth spurt....a friend of a friend expressed and fed her baby that way....I would find it hard personally but if I could I would of! ...and my daughter was a big baby they told me is have to feed her earlier. ..m but things have changed so much! Also you could try hungrier baby milk if u use formula hope he settles him self out I'm sure he will soon xx

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