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Very Clingy 7 month old


My little man has just turned 7 months old. He has now become really clingy. Been the worst ever today, every time i put him down he just cried and cried until he was almost sick. He also goes cries and cries when i try and put him in his cot. Has anyone else had this problem?

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Yes definitely. Less independent play, more clinging onto mummy as if the world is about to end lol. I think it's a phase that most babies (I say most as we all know all babies are different and some may skip this part I guess) go through and are seeking extra comfort and also like to know mummy....or daddy sometimes....isn't leaving them or going anywhere. It will pass....often when it is coupled with teething and such, it can make it just that tad bit worse. I see it as an excuse not to do much housework lol!

lol..Thank you for your reply. Will remember to use the housework excuse loll.. x

Separation anxiety is perfectly normal at about 7 months, it will pass.

If you've got a sling, wear him while you get on and do what need to do.

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Thank you for your reply. I will check out the link

Also could be due to teething pains, if they have started to move x

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He already has 2 through and wasn't like this x

My 8 month old is terrible in the morning when we get up he comes into our bed for a play even tho hubby is there when I leave the room he is inconsolable we have just had to invest in a playpen to distract him so I can go to the toilet in peace!!!

Awful when we can't nip the loo in peace lol..

I think your baby has entered his clingy stage. my boy at about same age started wailing as soon as i would stand up to do something else! Was awful him screaming his head off when i was just next door going to the loo, just be sympathetic + reassuring that you are coming back as he thinks you're not coming back. soothe + cuddle everytime so he learns the pattern eventually. my son slowly grew out of this by 14m or so but can still cling if extremely tired or if too many unfamiliar adults around him.

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Thank you for the reply. It is heart breaking to listen to isn't it

14 months!!!!! Oh my! My baby is 6 months and I've heard it's completely normal to get 'clingy' at about 7/8 months. Dreading it as I'm returning to work soon, but its going to be ultra awful if he is getting upset too :-/

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Don't worry yet. My eldest never went through a clingy stage, so you may be okay

I heard babies still think they are attached to u up to a certain age x

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I have heard that too up to about 5 months i think x

my baby started this at 7 months and went to screaming when I talk to others and fake crying if I go in the kitchen etc, he does a high pitched shriek like a banshee which shocks people ,its annoying but funny,I cant wait for him to be a bit more independent whilst playing like he did at six months,Hes crawling so I cant leave him unless hes in his babywalker and that's five minutes max when I rush to the loo.I take him around the house now when I do chores give him toys and encourage him to play near me, hes getting better but its just a tiny improvement,these babies are cunning and crafty and will DO ANYTHING for attention lol !!!!!!

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lol.. they may be little but they sure know how to play us lol..

I concur, we are 7 months too, sometimes with Daddy he continues to cry....if I take him, stops instantly. I have to leave room and keep talking, singing, telling him what I am doing, how long I'll be!

He's crawling & climbing so unless he's in activity centre or high chair I have to run & return quickly anyway at the mo.

Try the wonder weeks app and you'll get the heads up on what's coming or message me ;-) xx

Thank you for your reply. i bet you're having fun! my lo isn't crawling yet. I know i'm sad, but i don't have a phone you can get apps on lol.. xx

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