""..........questions and a update

""..........questions  and a update

So after getting Louis into his own room and challenging it was I was set for some major changes. I've Breastfed for 9 and 1/2 months he has been my sole attention. I've battled with thrush constantly as a lack of oestrogen from feeding has made my sex life well no existent. We have decided to try and get Louis onto formula or well cows milk as he will soon be 1 .. Wow there's a milestone.

Today it took me three hours to get him to take a bottle of expressed milk i tried and tried and tried until he gave in. So now what. Well I've decided ill still bF him in the early morning and the other two or three I'll express and bottle...

A question can you add formula to breast milk and if so how?

He now has a cereal in the morn then some toast mid morn. A nap then lunch and half hr later a fruit pot. Then a feed the tea time then bedtime milk around 7-8pm. O I think he is on a decent schedule. ....

We are still working on the waking in the night however he woke last night around midnight and I stayed with him fed him and put him down we heard him wake around 4am but I just ignored the cry and he went off again within 15 minutes... A success after it taking over a hr to settle . Only woke at 7am... Yay.


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  • Hello, sounds as if you have both been very busy and all your hard work has paid off :)

    I've never known anyone combine formula with breast milk, but have known mums add cows milk to formula. I would imagine the best way to do it would just be to make up the required amount of formula then mix the 2 together- it's just a guess mind lol I would have thought adding powder straight to the breast milk would make it too thick- hope that's of some help.

    Loving that cheeky smile Louis has :) xx

  • He is a cheeky chap isn't he. So as candiceandsesame said we can mix the formula into breastmilk. I think once he's ok with having the bottles I'll introduce this method to start weaning him off the boob. Thanks Hun x

  • Hiya. He's a gorgeous little boy :-)

    You've done amazing to breastfeed for so long x I'm really struggling and she's 5 months now

    My HV told me that you can definitely mix formula and breast milk and I have been doing some that for a while. Just make up the required amount of formula and add the breast milk x

  • Oh and instead of a bottle try a sippy cup. As he's older he might get on better with that xx

  • Thankyou, and thankyou :-) I always thought ill do 6 weeks that turned into twelve weeks that then went to now. I don't know how I've hot this far defiantly a proud moment. Well done on getting to 5 months. How is baby sleeping? I'm wondering if it will make a difference in Louis waking by adding a bit of formula. :-)

  • Last night she slept from 8pm to 6am! Yay!!!!! before that she would wake up a few times a night. Not sure if its the formula or that she is getting older.

    she's only BF for her first feed now, all the rest are formula now

  • Jackpot last night he had the bottle of liquid gold 6 oz and slept from 8-7am... Bonus indeed I even woke at 3 am to check on him . :-) I've expressed again for two bottles evening and mid afternoon he was on the boob first thing. He's getting lots of water and plenty of solids so I think 3 good bottles a day is good.?

  • Bloody brilliant :-) isn't it annoying when you still continue to wake in the night but baby is sound asleep.

    I'm just looking into the weaning process and trying to get my head around it. Its all so confusing and contradictory. What your doing sounds fab to me :-)

    I think if hes happy and content then you're doing the right things

  • Yeah I was going to say use a beaker rather than a bottle one without the no tip no drip thingy in them my lo won't take a bottle either and won't eat he is 6 months on Monday! Not interested one bit! X

  • I've tried a silly cup but because he associates that with water he had none of it. I tried the breastfeeding cup and same he knew it wasn't the real deal. Little bugger. We did persevere and tonight he took a 6oz bottle of Breastmilk. Yay. Not with difficulty though this time too around half hr to convince him :-) ..... . Louis only started on solids at 8 and half months :-) he wasn't ready before that. Good luck with starting you,ll know when baby's ready x

  • That's good gives me hope! And not to panic too much if he doesn't start eating yet Thanks your breast milk must be gold top by looking at him! X

  • So an update last 3 nights Louis has slept 8-7 with a hr nap in the day. He is taking the bottle no trouble now. Currently half breastmilk half formula and roughly 5oz or 6oz bottles. I feed him first thing in the morning. Jackpot. :-)

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