Teething at 3 half months???

Hi everyone,

Just a quick question. My LO is 14 weeks old and for the last 2 or 3 weeks his hands have constantly been in his mouth, but I was told this is normal at this age. I am early weaning him as he's had reflux since a young age and he has taken to this really well, also though he's always liked his food. This morning he got up and I got his bottle and breakfast ready, he didn't seem interested in either. I put my finger in his mouth and I nearly lost it he chomped down so hard on it!!!

He then had a tiny bit of bottle and fell asleep. I think his gums are sore as he never refuses food. He also sticks his tongue out all the time too, but no flushed cheeks.

I'm going to try Bonjela layer but do you guys have any advice or suggestions??? Xxx

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A hv told me that they start teething between 2-3 months I think .... But can be months before they come thru but they may or may not have symptoms Fri 2-3 months I've used teething powders which I find good they are the ones in a white box they are quite good I think especially for bad tummys x


Thanks mummymummy I'm going to get the powder later on x


As said teething can start early. The powders are good, as are nelsons teething granules. There is calgel which is good and also dentinox teething gel also. So many things are available for teething which is good. Also a Sophie giraffe teether can be a good investment too


Hi shortbird76,

Its definetely possible he's teething yes as my son & my Lil one ( in fact) now 5 & a half months old both cut their 1st tooth by 4 months of age.

I'll admit i was much more prepeared for it this time around than i was with my son as i always thought babies dont start really teething until they were 6 months "at least"

As you mentioned & due to his age you could try using/applying some bongela to his gums & of course give him a Lil touch of calpol should his body temperature become a bit high.



Your profile picture is so cute :-) x


Try freezing the mouth before a feed. Frozen bm or formula. You could also try teething mittens if your lo is a big finger biter


I have the same problem with my 16 week old... I've found Ashton and parsons teething powder and a gummee glove work wonders though xx

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Thanks to all you guys for your help x


My little boy was doing the same at 15weeks. He was drooling like you wouldn't believe. I was expecting to see a tooth come through, but the first one only started to come through about a week ago (7.5 months). I did buy him a few different nuby items which he liked, and I also cooled a flannel in the fridge which he loved sucking on.

Hope your LO is back to himself soon x


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