I'm 5 weeks pregnant after 9 miscarriages I'm v wary. I'm getting period pains and my symptoms are no more. Anyone had this and had good ne

I'm 43 and after 9 miscarrages I'm v wary that it's never going to work.. I have no symptoms today or yesterday and I have had period type pains today as well. I did a test and it still says 2-3 weeks preg surely if it was over it was say 1-2 weeks

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Hey Hun. Sorry to hear you've gone through so many miscarriages :( I can imagine how anxious you are but do try and stay positive. Period pains are a very normal sign of pregnancy and it was the only symptom I had :) just take each day as it comes and try to relax. Congratulations by the way!! :) x

Oh bless you no wonder u are so anxious... The symptoms are normal and u do get days where u feel normal and panic it not pregnant. ..I couldn't wait to feel baby move so I knew everything was ok but the u panic again if u dint feel baby move... It's an amazing but scary time. .. Are the hospital keeping a closer eye on u? U need to explain all of it history to it midwife and tell her ur fears. .. congratulations and all the best xx

I can't imagine how U must be feeling. I had constant period pains throughout but mainly first 14 weeks and was making me very anxious but from my experience and hearing others that it's normal but obviously everyone is different! I'm sure everything is fine if u ever get worried with the pains etc we went to a&e then got transferred to early pregnancy unit who were great and done a scan and was good reassurance however still couldn't quite believe I was pregnant till after 20 week scan. Wishing u all the best :-) x

Hi there, I found when in early preg I would get period like pains on and off especially when my period would have been due. All the best and try not to worry

Hi, Can understand your stress. Can only imagine the pain of so many miscarriages. I had one last year at 9 weeks and have panicked my way through this pregnancy and am now 34 weeks and still checking the paper when I wipe etc. I felt my symptoms go exactly as you say but all was fine. Speak to your GP and get them to book you in for a scan to put your mind at rest. I had scans at 6 and 9 weeks for the same reason. xx

Hi I can understand your anxiety as I had 2 miscarriages , one in Dec 2012 and then August 2013. please get a referral to the early pregnancy unit and ask them to monitor you. I got an early referral for the third time and had a scan every 10 days from week 6 to see how the pregnancy was progressing. I also required support and was on cyclogest, low dose steroids and baby aspirin with tinzaparin to support my pregnancy....24 weeks now:).All the best and let the EPU support you in the early stages.

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