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I wish I hadn't googled it now but my lo still isn't well and has this horrible cough and I started to worry about whooping cough and he has all the early stage symptoms which have lasted over a week. .. and now has been left with a nasty cough that doesn't seem to be getting any better. . And he makes a funny noise not exactly a whoop but similar when he is having a coughing fit. .. got myself all Worried now. ..bloody google!

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  • My little boy has croup at the mo- that has a really nasty cough. x

  • Ohhh bless him that's nasty my other boy had that a couple of years back had to have a dose of steriods at the hosp... This lo seems quite wheezy I the mornings but has alot of coughing fits throughout the day must admit this morning sounds a bit better Thank goodness x

  • Oh bless you! There are some really nasty viruses going around atm! If you are worried call the doc (our of hours or gp) Xx

  • I took him last sat and Monday cos he was poorly and coughing alot they said viral but just concerned cos still coughing but this morning seems a bit better hopefully he is on the mend bless him x

  • Oh bless him! My lo has been in hosp twice with tonsillitis :-( in super paranoid now and watching him like a hawk lol. Iv put him bein ill quite a bit with colds coughs etc down to having older sis and Bro. Roll on the summer! Xx

  • I took my little lad to A&E when he was unwell, he was very sleepy not eating, high temp. They said it was viral, he was still unwell 2 days later after taking calpol & ibrufen so went to the docs and they rang an ambulance as soon as they seen him as he showed all the signs (apart from rash) of having meningitis.

    Just keep going back if you think he is not getting any better as they don't always get it right first diagnosis. If they picked it up from my first visit all the heart ache and worry could have been saved.

  • My little boy has a cough for a few months and was really snuffly with it.i took him to the docs twice where I was so worries and I was given a spacer and inhaler for him I've used it a few times and the coughs vanished :) hope he feels better soon x

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